Monday, August 4, 2014

Neon Lightning Bolts with Deadset Babes Decals

The Australian distributor of Color Club announced their sellout of the brand recently, and discounted everything by 80%.  So, naturally, I forgot about my self polish ban for an hour and stocked up on all my favourite CC colors.  Which mainly was the Popstastic collection.  I use the Poptastics regularly, the colors are amazingly awesome.  The 18 color collection was reduced to $20!

I got this manicure with Deadset Babes decals.  Deadset also recently had a sale and I stocked up on squillions of decals for 25% off.  Make sure you sign up for sale notifications.

Simply, this was a white base manicure which was left to completely dry, then lightning bolt decals were draped onto the nails, color each side with a different colored Neon, whip off the decal, wait to dry then finish with a top coat.  Easy peasy!


  1. Love them! :) Will redo them soon, thank for the inspiration.

  2. The nails look so cute!
    Kisses :*


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