Sunday, August 1, 2010

BYS False Eyelashes

I had the chance to dress up this weekend, something that doesn't happen very often and when it does I usually pull some falsies out. These are from Aussie brand BYS. They are super thick, long and have rhinestones on the top...just my style! They were a little over the top but I had heaps of comments which was nice. If you want people to stare at your eyes (and not yr boobs for a change), get these lashes!
The pics are a tad 'come and get me' style, the hubby was having fun capturing lots of cleavage.

The glue was nice and thin, not gloopy at all, and the lashes stuck after about 30 seconds. They lasted a 12 hour day and the last pic was taken at the end of that day (so pls excuse the shininess). They were a little long for my eye shape, I'll trim them a little before a reuse. They lasted fine and came off nicely with no mis-shaping so can definately be used again, unlike other brands I have purchased in the past.
For my Aussie girls, these can be purchased online at I purchased these and they were not sent to me for review.


  1. Ooooohh they are so cute.
    I seen somewhere advertised here is Aus, false eyelashes with white polka dots on them.

    Glad to hear they worked a treat.
    I have some BYS nail polishes that i am not so happy with. :( but their colours are amazing (sighs with disappointment)

    They look awesome on your eyes.

    ♥ Bev

  2. Gorgeous! (^_^)

  3. You look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  4. They are really cute! And I love your dress! :D

  5. Had no idea you were rockabilly style. So cool!

  6. Hey Bev, BYS polishes are mostly good but I've had a few goopy shockers I've just turfed straight in the bin. I guess that the good side about them only being $3.95!

    Thanks heaps Becky, Susy and 1xellus1! :)

    Thanks Helena! I would love to be fulltime rockabilly style but unfortunately my lifestyle doesn't call for it...maybe one day when the kids are at school and I get a bit of a life!

  7. Oh wow! How cute are you! Love the outfit! <3


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