Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swap With Tiff & Kleencolor Jazz Olive

Tiff and I had another swap, and this one is a doosy! Lookee at all the stuff! She crossed of a few Wish List items for me including Wild and Willing, Atlantis, 2 Golden Rose holographics and...OPI Merry Midnight...YAY!! Plus a heap of yummy stuff including my coveted Jolly Ranchers. She also sent some cuticle scrub and I immediately had a go of it. My cuticles are extremely dry lately (which I think is due to cuticle oil....does that sound weird?) and this scrub was the best thing ever for my nails. They felt so smooth, clean and looked less stained afterwards. I did hubby's hands and they looked almost decent for the first time in years. Thanks heaps Tiff!

Onto the mani of the day..lots of pics cause it's super COOL! This is using one of Tiff's polishes she sent, Kleencolor Jazz Olive. She knows I love Kleencolor and sent a few for me this time!
I'm going to a 15th Wedding Anniversary tonight and was planning on doing a gold mani and when I saw this color, I knew it would be perfect. It's a super bright metallic Greeny Gold. IT's actually so shiny that it looks like a Minx manicure!
This is 2 coats with Warm Black Konading using a Konad design that I hadn't previously used. 1 coat of Seche QD.
So, whatcha all think? As bright as a Minx?? It sure cost less!


  1. yes it's pretty bright and very pretty. i've been trying to find a foily/shiny polish similar to minx/foils but i haven't had a lot of luck. i need to search for this one.

  2. You got some really lovely colors in that swap!!

    Love the mani!

  3. Nice Swap!
    Beautiful Anniversary Manicure! Congratulations!!

  4. WOW! That had to be a great package to find! And yea, that polish is GORGEOUS, and much less wallet-traumatizing than Minx! :D

  5. Wonderful Swap! Thanks for sharing! :O)

  6. Awesome swap Carli!! Those sweets look so good *drool* and of course the polishes are fantastic!

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  9. Happy Anniversary and what a great manicure! How was your trip to Hong Kong? x


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