Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hong Kong!

I finally downloaded my HK pictures! This was my third time in HK but the first time I have gone polish searching! I found some HK based polishes...but not a real lot which was a bit disappointing. And while nail stamping plates can be found by the thousands on eBay FROM Hong Kong.....once you GET to Hong Kong, you can't find ANY of them!! Why is that??!!
There were 2 Chemists (Drugstores) that were found in every street, Watsons and Sasa, and they stocked a huge array of wonderful Asian cosmetics and medicines. I could have stayed in them for hours. I stocked up on Seaweed and Charcoal face and eye masks, Disney and Hello Kitty bandaids (they were for the KIDS!), false eyelashes, lip glosses, etc etc. Even in retail stores, everything is so much cheaper than in Australia. Example, I needed EarPlanes for the trip home cause I was sick and my ears were blocked, these things are $16 in Oz and in HK they were $3.50! Us Aussies are ripped off so much in every aspect of living's so annoying!!

One of the things I love doing while in HK is taking pics of funny English signs, a bit like I Can Haz Cheezeburger! HK is excellent with their English signage (unfortunately) but I managed to get a couple of shots while in China for the day. I present to you:

I had to buy this for the hubby.

Anyone up for pinky nipples???

Nice refreshing water!

We did the Harbour night cruise for 2 hours and it was nice sitting in the boat watching HK turn from day to night.

And afterwards I even got a free hug:

We all tried in vain to get Big Buddha to sit on our hands. My sister Zoe doing a Big Buddha FAIL:

And we even saw Britney Spears in China!!

And my very relieved to see her Mummy again lil' Muchkin, in a new Princess dress eating a Minnie lollipop!

I'll post swatch pics within the next few days of my favourite polishes I picked up from Sasa.
So after 3 visits to wonderful Hong Kong, I think I'm ready to move on to another Country. I'm thinking Singapore with the kids? Anyone been there??


  1. it seem u had so much fun in HK... im goin to visit Singapore next week.. and i'll let u know hows my visit u get any polish or any nail art stuffs from HK?

    try to visit Philippines too.. i would be ur tourist guide.. XD

  2. HK is AMAZING!!! so is shanghai XD I'd definitely say visit Singapore. Let's just go HK is amazing. Skinfood has some nice nail polish..but maybe you didn't like the colors/run across a store.

  3. Thriszha, I didnt get a lot of nail art, I couoldnt seem to find any in the shops and the markets had nothing. The drugstores had some polish but I only got about 15 bottles all up and most of that repeats for swaps and giveaways!

    Karebearr, Skinfood is a Singapore brand and HK only had Skinfood beauty products, no makeup or polishes unfortunately! I think Singapore is a definate must see sometime soon!

  4. I've never been to Asia, but if I could pick one place to visit it would definitely be Hong Kong.

  5. come to Singapore :D
    but actually Korea is good too, with the Korean nail polish brands that is much much cheaper than what is sold here in singapore!
    Locally, Singapore does not have much brands that have unique colours... but yes Etude House, Skinfood, The Faceshop, Nature Republic, Beauty Credit, Sasa are wonderful sources :)

    hope this helped!

  6. Skulda, when you find out can you pls let me know??!

  7. Great pics!

  8. Wow. That just confirmed that my next holiday is going to be to Hong Kong. Lol.I'm off to Vanuatu in a week, but I am not holding out any hopes of getting polish. I'm just gonna be happy with a tan!


  9. We've just returned from a trip to England and on the way we stayed in Hong Kong for two nights - my first trip to Hong Kong and I wish we could have had longer. It's an incredible place. I loved Sasa, my 14 year old daughter and I went mad buying stuff there. I got heaps of nail polishes - I found one cosmetics and perfume shop which I can't remember the name of where I found loads for super cheap prices. I wish I'd bought more, but I knew I was going to be buying heaps in England so I was more conservative than I wanted to be! Oh and I found a Make Up For Ever stand, which we can't get in NZ and splurged on some stuff from them too - expensive!

  10. Nah Bec, I think Vanuatu might be polish sparce.

    Sellina, My last hol in HK was for 10 days and that was barely long enough to see everything. Glad u guys stocked up at Sasa!

  11. Aww.. seems like you had a blast in HK! I haven't been back there for 20 years! Your first photo is how I remembered going to the market with my mother after school.

    LOL! "Big Pile Fries" That's the direct literal translation – it's big, fried and all get in a pile, we just call them "Sesame Balls"... I love those!! Especially when they're filled with sweetened black sesame.

    Skulda: Pocari Sweat is like a Lucozade, Gatorade. Energy sports drink, think they claim it's "ion supply drink". From my memory, it tastes a bit like grapefruit...

    As for "pinky nipples", I blame the Jap porn industry... Asian nipples tends to be darker, it's basically nipple bleaching cream to make it looks more erhm... pink... :S


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