Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zoya Posh & Hidden Treasure

I'm loving Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure Big Time. The brush is FAB, you only need to stroke that thing down my finger once for full coverage, and the flakies are jampacked. I think I even like these flakies better than the Nfu-Oh ones....but I still luv u Nfu!
I did 1 coat of Zoya Posh, which dries to a semi-matte instead of a full matte finish IMO, 1 coat of HT, added a couple of orange rhinestones to my middle fingers and smeared those in Seche QD.
For Audrey with HT tmrw!


  1. So pretty! Wish I had the chance to pick up HT =\

  2. Ahh, beautiful!
    I really lemming HT. I ordered Nubar 2010, I hope it's gonna kill that lemming, but they die hard..

  3. HT sure deserves its name! Gosh Rainbow is a dead on dupe but although I have both I couldn't imagine giving one of them away, they're just too pretty.

  4. Posh is gorgeous, and I love it with HT!

  5. I like the matt + HT so pretty! Can't wait For Audrey + HT~!

  6. This colour is gor-jus! Especially with HT layered over it. :)


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