Friday, August 6, 2010

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

I have a plan to try all my untrieds! It's driving me crazy that I am purchasing more polish than I am actually using...but a self imposed polish ban does nothing so I'm not even going to try.
OPI Red My Fortune Cookie is a knock em in yr face, drop dead, bright as hell RED! My husband whistled and said he had never seen any red so bright before! Once I added the Konad, the red had dimmed to a normal red and I was a bit disappointed! It's definately a color to be worn on it's own.
2 thin coats for opaque-ness, then I added Konad white and Black with 1 coat of Seche QD.


  1. The konad design looks so cute, it reminds me of Minnie Mouse with the polka dots.

  2. It's a wonderful color!
    I like the design too.. can you tell me please which plate u used for the dots?
    Thanks :)

  3. Serena, Yep, I'm a huge fan of the Minnie Polka!

    Alexa, It is a Bundle MOnster plate, stamped sideways!

    Thanks Pirtiks!

  4. It looks ADORABLE! I realy like the combination. Naughty red, playful dots and elegant black lace. And they look so good together! :D Love it! I really want to purchase the BM plates... They seem really nice and they're cheaper than Konad...

  5. Adorable! How hard was it to line up the lace edges with your tips? If I remember the plate correctly, there's not much of a design to work with!

  6. Boondy, they have great designs but are on the small side, be prepared to stamp twice!

    Jessica, The tips plates are not too bad actually. I used to use french guides but now just run it over my nail follwing the end as a guide. If that makes sense? With my smaller broken nails, I use half the nail stamp when rolling it over.

  7. That look amazing. It's so cheeky chic. Love it!


  8. Great stamping skills. This is adorable!

  9. LOVELY! A sweet look! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. it looks very nice :) it kinda has a vintage look, i don't know why, but it seems like that to me ^_^

  11. very nice design!
    would you like to add my blog on your blogroll? i added yours :]

  12. Oh I totally hear ya! I have so many untrieds too but the temptation of buying new polishes is just overwhelming >.<

    I love this mani! It is so darn adorable! Red my fortune cookies is in my untrieds atm, must change that!

  13. Thanks guys,
    Cristina, I was wearing vintage style outfits that weekend and I thought a vintage looking mani would suit!

    Maryya, Ive added myself to yur blog!

    Thanks cake girl and chelle. Too many swaps Michelle and not enough fingers!!


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