Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Recently I completed 2 swaps from other lovely bloggers. I was Lemming some Catrice polishes and the lovely Iris agreed to swap and here is what she generously sent me:
Catrice Poison Me Poison You, Man-go Tango, I scream Peach, Sold Out Forever, Lost in Mud and the Devil Wears Red. Essence holo glitter, effects topcoat and some groovy stickers. I cannot wait to do mani's in each of these, they are all so beautiful! She also sent me Dutch's best Peppermints and they truly are the nicest I have tasted. Not hot at all and very sweet, if you have the chance to sample these, make sure you do!
Thank you so much Iris for your wonderful package!

And I was spoilt rotten by the wonderful Carolina at http://coloresdecarol.blogspot.com,
who sent me polishes from my wish list! I finally got my little hands on OPI Aragon Tomorrow, Orly Royal Navy, China Glaze TMI and CC What a Drag! She also naughtily sent some wonderful glitters, like ChG Golden Enchantment which I had been debating about getting but it's so gorgeous IRL, and Pure Ice colors along with some yummy lollies which my kids promptly devoured. I just wish I hands 4 hands so I could get mani's done more quickly!!
Thanks Carolina so much for swapping with me! I promise to post swatch pics soon!


  1. Wow awesome swaps!! Those polishes look divine =)

    Hope you had a great time in HK!

  2. I love that Catrice green colour


  3. Woooho, great swaps! Can't wat for swatches! <3<3<3

  4. Woot for swaps! I LOVE IT!!!!


  5. Is that Hidden Treasure?! *drools*

  6. You are very welcome!!
    It was a pleasure swapping with you.
    I'm glad that you liked all your goodies.


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