Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Close to Nars Zulu!

This is one of the polishes I got in Hong Kong, from Sasa. It's a brand called Chic Chic, no name just numbered 23. And it's just beautiful!

Sasa has very strict DO NOT OPEN THOSE BOTTLES rules, and the only time I attempted it, a saleslady flew at me within seconds, altho with a smile on her face. I don't know about you guys, but I NEED to open my polish before I make my decision. I NEED to see the formula slide off the brush, to see if it's a opaque or gonna be a dreaded 4 coater, to see if it's gloopy thick or wonderfully thin. So as a result I only got ONE stinking bottle of this glorious color!
After getting home to Oz and opening this bottle, I knew immediately, before even swatching, that I had made a HUGE mistake only buying one bottle. Why oh why didn't I meet those Sasa salesladies square in the eye, give them the Carli look, open it, and then buy multiples (hangs head in shame)??

I don't have Nars Zulu but it looks close to the online pics I have seen. I will be of course ordering it in October when it's re-released but in the meantime, this is divine!
A dark green jelly, this was 2 thin coats and it applies wonderfully. It was the equivalent of $3 AUD so head to Hong Kong Sasa and rummage thru those bins!
The next say I Konaded it with China Glaze 2030, a different design on each hand.


  1. you know what I do?

    I buy the nail polish and then open it outside the store. If I like it I just go in again to buy more =)

  2. don't they have testers?! that's so strange
    anyway, the color is *really* awesome :)

  3. That Konad is drop dead gorgeous with the golden NP, reminds me of the Curse of the Golden Flower;-). Just wonder - which Konad plates where you using?

  4. Thanks Wolfie! The last one is a Chez-Delaney plate and the first is a Konad...cant remember which number, I'll get back to you!


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