Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fruit Salad.....Yummy yummy

I made myself a new necklace! And everytime I look at it I have that stupid Wiggles song run thru my head....."fruit salad, yummy yummy." Cathy from More Nail Polish, YOU will know what I'm talking about!!

The dress is new-ish. I got it awhile ago but the Ebay seller neglected to mention that the hem was completely SCREWIFF. I tried it on for the first time and was horrified to see the front dipped up, then down, and up and DOWN! A dressmakers visit later the hem was fixed and so was the hole in the side that was also not mentioned in the ebay listing. GRRRRRR.

50's Dress:  From a seller I am not going to promote, eBay
Shoes: K-mart
Necklace: Made by Me.
Fruit Salad hairclip: Swell Dame Accessories


  1. LOVE that skirt. It could handle a petticoat or three :)


    KMart - excellent work, lady. You don't have to pay a fortune to look fabulous!

  3. You know it girl! I know all the wiggle songs, even though Mr 3 pretends he's too cool for wiggles, he always stops the remote on Disney Jr when they are on!
    Gorgeous full circle skirt and that necklace is fabulous, you are so talented!


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