Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Glitter Bomb Franken w You Mix Cosmetics!

I made an awesome Flakie/Glitter franken which looks 10 times better than my photos show.

I mixed Esmalte Especteral in with some color shifting gold to green glitter in a clear top coat.
This glitter is the same as Ozotic Pro use for their Elytra polish range.

Above photos taken in natural shaded light.

In full sunlight. It is full of flash and shine. I think it's gorgeous!

And it was layered over a coat of Chemistry 526, a gorgeous dark black holo.

Glitter was purchased from You Mix Cosmetics, which is very generously sponsoring my 3,0000 follower giveawayYou Mix has an array of flakies and glitter for our frankening pleasure!!


  1. Wow! Your nails look gorgeous. It's funny you should mention You Mix Cosmetics as only last night I went and bought some colour shifting glitter from them, except I got the purple/green/blue :)

  2. Love it! The colourshift really adds a whole new dimension to the flakes :)

  3. Crap, I bought this glitter and haven't used it yet. It sure doesn't look like much in the jar! Very nice creation!

  4. What a great colour!


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