Friday, April 27, 2012

Orly Pinks X 3!

I did a small Orly haul the other day as they added a bunch of stuff to their discontinued section (Fowl Play is on there!)

These 3 colors are Pixy Stix, Hot Shot and Butterflies which I striped on with 2 coats each. I then stamped with Konad Warm Black and finished with a coat of Seche QD.

Orly are kindly sponsoring my AWESOME 3,000 followers giveaway with $80 worth of polishes!

I apologise for my too closely set photos, Blogger upgraded me to their "new improved" system which blows major HUGE chunks big time....and I still haven't got the hang of it.


  1. I love all three colours. Beautiful together!
    Yeh the new blogger is awkward to get the jist of. It's not too bad after a while though :)

  2. Awesome stamping! I love that jigsaw pattern.

  3. Oh! I've been coveting Fowl Play since I saw it in the pharmacy near me a few weeks ago. Guess what my first purchase on my paycheck is going to be? :D (I hope no one snatched it up! If I recall there were three, and Orly isn't very well known over here... *hopes hard*)

    The new blogger layout is kind of frustrating to deal with when you have a small screen, although when you've got a big screen it's ok.

  4. How fun! Your nails look amazing with the black pattern overlay. The squared one is my favorite. Happy Weekend!

  5. I LOVE the jigsaw pattern! Which plate is it on? :)

  6. The colors are fun! Love the final design :)

  7. Gostei do Konad Carimbo quadriculado.
    Bem diferente e ousado
    Ale Cerqueira


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