Friday, April 6, 2012

Revlon Popular / Starry Pink

In Australia, Revlon's Starry Pink has been renamed Popular for some reason.....anybody know??

This was a lemming of mine for a long time and it took ages before it was released in Oz. Then of course, it was $14.95 so I refused to get it until Target had them marked down to $10.

This was 2 coats.

And stamped with Warm Black Konad, finished with a coat of Seche QD.


  1. They did the same here in the states. Wow, that's alot for a Revlon! :)

  2. Maybe it's because of Glinda's "Popular" dress from Wicked, which is pink and fluffy.
    That'd be really cool, I <3 Wicked!

  3. It's the same in Canada too. A couple other Revlon's have been renamed here as well. It's odd.

  4. It was renamed that in the USA as well. The bottles showed up with the new name as early as right around 12-25-11. There were 3 total that were renamed at that same time. Facets of Fuchsia (some say was a dupe for Bad Romance by Deborah Lippmann) is called Scandalous now. Also the one that was called Blue Mosaic (came out same time as Facets of Fuchsia) was renamed Radiant. I got tricked going into a drug store at fast pace thinking that Scandalous & this one you are addressing in this blog - Starry Pink now called Popular caught my eye and I picked them both up. I had thought they looked like others I had, but never thought the company would re-name them. I should have taken them back, but I was out of town on 4 months of medical and not really a big concern of mine. For now, seems it was just this 3. I sort of thought maybe Revlon had infringed on some similar name that forced the change. Also thought since all 3 were very sought after/popular - that releasing them under a new name would have more sales with folks like me thinking it was a new shade. Since I have all 6, I can tell no difference in the shade or the formulas between any of each of the 3 'twins.' So it was not like Revlon could not produce the exact same formula thought they should protect themselves and change the names. The sales for the 3 newly named shades dropped off right about the time the name change happened here in the states. Seems to be a mystery that we as consumers, won't ever be in position to know why.


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