Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gorgeous Modern Day PinUps

My Grandma Thelma. Rocking her leopard coat in the 1950's.   She is now 88 and still going full ball.

Australia Pin Up Pia Andersen.  Absolutely stunning. 

The impossibly perfect Aida from Bosnia.

Imelda May.  Rockabilly singer Extraodinaire.

Miss Amanda Lee from the Jitterbug Doll.

This wouldn't be a post without including to die for Micheline Pitt.

Australian Vintage stylist, Candice DeVille.

The eternally divine Bernie Dexter.

Who is your perfect modern day pinup?


  1. Your grandma is such a beautiful young woman on that photograph. So cool that she has kept her style :)

  2. Carli - why is there not a picture of you up there? And you Grandma is gorgeous! BTW, you must be on Pinterest by now - pls share (or did I miss it).

    1. I'm not worthy.
      I am on Pinterest but have half heartedly stuck a few things on....I dont think I know my username! Maybe Konadlicious or just Carli Hall???!

  3. Bernie Dexter and Dita von Teese! They have the greatest style and both look divine. Nicole Kidman also have that vintage glamour - think Stepford Wives.

    But please tell your granny hello from Denmark and that she is VERY beautiful. :)

  4. What a doll your grandma is in that photo...and Leopard - despite I am a PETA person, I do remember when fur was coveted. We were poor but my grandparents made sure when my mom was ~30 she was taken to an exclusive furrier shop and she had made for her the most soft beautiful white beaver coat. I still today have never felt anything like the feeling of sticking my hand between the underside of the collar and the coat. Great- GG had one of those minks with the head and feet left on and worn as a shawl thing. I loved playing with it on her. She wore it everywhere, despite it was out of style by the late 50's and 60's...older ladies back then just kept wearing their same favorite good things. When mom passed, I had no where or idea of what to do with her furs! There was zero market for them & I felt horrible even having to deal with them. Now seems fur is back in with a select group of sirens!

  5. Seeing Amanda Lee with her red lipstick, reminds me that I just finally found a red lipstick I can wear - have not found one in maybe 15-20 yrs I could wear that looked right on me. They have to be cherry red with a touch of pink/orange in them and lots of moisture.


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