Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Week In Retro Cam

This book is gorgeous.

Home made Pumpkin Pie.

I met the most FABULOUS lady at a recent bead show. She makes amazing steampunk jewellery.

A petting farm.

Snow White graced us with her presence!

I watched the latest adaption of Great Expectations which I really enjoyed.

Miss 10 gave her Lego toys 1940's makeovers.


  1. awwww Snow White looks so beautiful. My 3yo son says she's a 'cutie' :p

    1. Thx! Tell Master 3 she off limits for another 18 years!

  2. LOL at the Lego - it looks bloody fantastic! Is it blutac? You're kids are amazing.

    Snow White is too cuet for words.

    Marilyn is on my list of books to purchase.

    And a petting farm, well it doesn't get much better. I have two fluffy chooks. :D


    1. Yep, it was blutac! The Marilyn book is fantastic, it was interesting to read how the dresses were made to fit her figure and how often she wore them afterwards...and if she wasnt allowed to at all.

  3. I had a dream about that book last night and had to madly search through blogs to see where I saw it!! Must ... have!!! *goes to buy it online*

  4. Awww your girls are adorable ^_^
    ANd wow that lady looks fab! Judging from what I see her wearing, she must be making some really unique accessories!


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