Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sally Hansen Cha-Ching!

I usually skip over the Sally Hansen display boxes while in the cosmetics section as I think they are too overpriced in Australia. $16.95 compared to $5 in the USA?? No thanks.
BUT.......Target had SH on sale last week!

But the GEM Crush display caught my eye because, as like every other nail polish fiend, I am currently addicted to glitter. Cha-ching is completely JAMPACKED full of tiny glitter in Ruby Red and sprinkled with Silver. You don't need any undies on with this baby, she's completely opaque in 2 coats!

Above 2 photos were taken in full sunlight, below picture is under artificial light.

Me thinks the next time Target has Sally Hansen discounted, I'll be going back for more.......


  1. Ooohhh... thanks heaps for the tights link. I just LOVE Pamela Mann.

    Can you believe it is hump day, already? Whoo!


  2. Adorei!
    Lindo e perfeito somente como Sally Hansen é?
    Adoro brilhos e glitter e achei lindo demais!

    Parabéns pelo blog
    Abraços do Brasil
    Alessandra C

  3. I've been circling these for a while, I think you may have tipped me over the edge!

  4. Oh i hate you!!!! Now i have to go and buy this overly priced polish from priceline;) i was trying not to buy them but that looks sooooo good and i love red!!!! LOL!

    1. I know, I hate me too!!! Priceline had them for $10 last week...might be the same this week!

    2. NOt $10 sorry. They had buy 2 get 1 free!

  5. I was circling these too, but no no'ed cause of the price. I'm in if I see them on sale!

  6. oh, looks like Love Marilyn from ChG :D


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