Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looksie What I Got!

My mate Carolina from coloresdecarol.blogspot.com sent me a gorgeous box! She has such awesome taste and always seems to know which colors to get me. And again she spoilt me by getting me some polishes from my wish list which were OPI Diva of Geneva, OPI Jacques Suede, Zoya Nova and Sally Hansen DVD. I can't wait to wear everything...I think I'll do a mani every night this week!
I don't know how she knew my daughter is a Spongebo fanatic AND a novelty eraser collector, but Isabelle is psyching out over the Spongebob jellies and the cute nail polish erasers! She thinks you ROCK Carolina!!

So, let's see what I got: OPI Couture mini set, 2 China Glaze, some Ulta's and Sally Girl minis, Savvy glass slipper, some Sinfuls, nail stickers and glitters and a cute pumpkin glow in the dark glitter. And the BESTEST sugarfree gum I have ever tasted, it's a yummy pineapple and mint flavour..it's divine! Did I mention the Milky Ways with CARAMEL in the middle?? Swoon.

Check out Carolina's blog, she posts everyday and always seems to get the latest collection super quick and swatched for us all to see ASAP.

Thanks heaps again Carolina, you are these bestest swap buddy! ;)
(Running off now to finish the Milky Way's before DH comes home...)


  1. Very cool!
    What a gift!!!

  2. Now that's a friendship package!

  3. Cool Stuff!
    ooh~! glow in the dark glitter! :)


  4. You are very welcome Dear Carli!
    I'm so glad that you liked everything.
    Another swap soon???
    Hugs and Kisses!!

  5. Great stuff. Can't wait to see pics of the polishes


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