Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orly Space Cadet

Orly's Space Cadet has been the one polish I've been hanging out for for months. It's arrived and it's.....nice. A little disappointed that it's not the madly flashing multichromatic shade I was thinking it was gonna be, but it's still.... nice. My camera couldn't capture all the colors the sun brings out, but it shines from a brown to a burgundy to a green. DH says it's like the wings of an Amazonian beetle!
I added some Konading in China Glaze Millenium from a Bundle Monster plate and added 1 coat of Chimera Quick Dry.


  1. I own this shade too. I really love it but the wear wasnt too great on me? I had fading at the nail edge by the end of the first day. How wasthe wear on you?

  2. I have this lacquer and was wondering what would look good on it. You have made a wonderful choice...I love your mani with the stamping on it.

  3. Let them have polish - (love yr name!) Wear was good but I think I might attribute that to my new topcoat, Chimera Quick Dry. The removal of Space cadet was actually horrible and it stained my fingers a yucky blue. Did it do that for you?

    Laquer ware- Thanks! I thought konading would only have to be silver or gold so it wouldnt downgrade the color.

    Thx twister and Camy!


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