Monday, September 6, 2010

Mode Messed Up

My local Chemist has just recieved a new shipment of Australian brand Mode polishes AND they put them on sale for $2 each so I, well, grabbed some... quite a few... a lot?

This is 2 coats of Messed Up, a pale taupe brown creme. Mode formula is OK most of the time and always opaque is 1-2 coats. Sometimes you get a goopy coolor that needs to be thinned out, but this color was good.
Konaded with China Glaze 2030. This mani was done while on holidays and I had no top coat or cleaning tools, so it's all rather horrible looking I'm clicking on the photos to make them bigger!

And this was Mum's mani. Petites Tahitian Green, 2 coats with Warm Black Konading. She couldn't decide which design to do so I did a different one on every nail! Warning on Tahitian Green - Wear a Base Coat!! Mum didn't and had the most horrible staining on nails and fingers. A soaking in poish remover and then lemon juice did the trick, but it was touch and go for awhile!


  1. Gorgeous colour combo Carli - just beautiful! Are you going to make some beads to match?

  2. That's an amazing konadicure there! I love that every nail has a different design- it really works when it might not have. I also quite like that Mode colour but I haven't had a chance to run into it yet! How much are Mode nps for you usually?

  3. Thanks Liz! Yes, beads..that's right, I make them don't I?? It's been too cold to sit in the shed and make beads. Will have to get back into it.

    Hey Joan, Usually they are $2.50 each but $2 makes it so much easier to buy a few of them!

  4. They are great. I really have to try Konad!

  5. Hi Carli, Welcome back!
    Those colors are great, love the green on your mom.

  6. I am a new follower to your blog, I don't know why I didn't found you earlier, your mani's are amazing!!!!

  7. Thanks Carolina!

    Mums nails turned out great, thanks Camy!

    Thanks so much for always commenting on my blog Cake Girl :)

    Polishsis, sometimes ya gotta save the best for last! Haha! ;)

  8. Wow, these look amazing! I've never seen these polishes before (i live in Melbourne). Where did you get them?

  9. Tracey, Mode can be bought in a lot of chemists. I got mine in a Chemmart.
    The Petites I got in a swap from the USA.

  10. I LOVE your skills. Your blog is AMAZING!


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