Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Swatches #2

Here are the second set of swatches from my Sally Hansen Complete Manicure haul.

Purple Pulse. A nice flashing purple. This was 3 coats. A color you can pick up from all brands tho.

Thinking of Blue. A Midnight Navy Blue creme. Again, 3 coats. I liked this color but again, I have several other brands around the same shade that only require 2 coats to become opaque.

Fairy Teal. A thick Teal creme. 2 Coats.

Gray By Gray. 2 coats. This was a little surprising as to me it was more of a Slate Blue than a Gray.

Kook-a-mango. 2 coats. This is a bright Coral Orange and was rather nice. Bright Corals suit my skintone.

Red Zin. 3 coats and still needed more. This was my most anticipated color of the bunch as it's a camp red and a jelly, cool right?? Nope. This sucked. It needs at least 4 coats and counting, and stained my cuticles like mongrels. I had gotten a bit sloppy with application at this stage as Red Zin was my 14th swatch.

Midnight in NY. 2 Coats. This was the one I actually like out of the whole bunch. A deep black with rainbow micro glitter. 2 coats was ample and nicely opaque. But again, I already have a gazillion blacks with rainbow glitter. Eyeko Cosmic is a nicer example with the rainbow glitter showing brighter.

So again, my 2 cents worth. The cremes were nice but definately not worth the $16.95 us Aussie have to fork out for them. We have Ulta3 and Mode with exactly the same colors and they only cost $2 and probably require less costs to make them 'work'.

These are up for sale super cheap on my Blog Sale page if anyone wants to buy them...!


  1. great colors! love your nail length :)

  2. I <3 Midnight in NY. It's my first really fun black and it has the nice new curved brush, so maybe it's just a puppy love?
    And I desperately wanted to love Fairy Teal... It's a great shade for me and I loved the nice rich creme formula, but honestly, it stains me like no body's business and I'm not down with the hassle that comes with wearing it.
    The rest of them I'm hesitant to try. Mostly because the shades don't "catch" me right off the bat and I'm usually scared of trying new things. (That's why I follow a million swatching blogs! :p)

  3. WOW! love them all, but the Gray by Gray is a MUST HAVE! Thank you so much for sharing. I was really looking forward to viewing these swatches! :O)

  4. Thanks Tips On Nails, I chopped them down again last night...I dont like them too long.

    Hannagrl, I didn't leave Fairy Teal on long enough to get stained but it definately looks like it could do some damage! Thanks for the heads-up. Midnight in NY is cool but have you tried Eyeko Cosmic? It's more blingier than Midnight.

    1xellus1, Gray by Gray was's gray but definately also on the blue side.

    Just Cake girl, Pulse does catch the night nicely ;)

  5. Aww, I love Red Zin, it was perfect for me in two coats. Sorry these didn't work out for you. :)

  6. They are very pretty. It sucks they didnt work for you :(. But they do look like they apply really well and the colors are pretty.

  7. I have not tried any Eyeko polishes yet. But I plan to, so thanks for your advice! ;)

  8. Lovely colours! I miss sally hansen polishes!


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