Friday, September 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Swatches

I have been succumbing a bit lately to nail polish hauls....ever since I put myself on a no-buy... I always do the opposite anyone ever tells me to, so I guess I am applying that to the voices in *my* head now too.
I bought a 14 polish lot of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure off eBay and it came to around $50 AUD including shipping. This is CHEAP compared to $16.95 EACH for Sally Hansen in our Priceline Parmacy stores.
Neutrals have been posted for today and solids tomorrow.

Onto the swatches.

Naked Ambition. 3 Coats. Nude with sparkle. As you can see, sheer as. Hated it...blechh. My hands just don't do NUDE.

Fairy Wings. 3 Coats. Milky base with pink sparkle. Blechhh.

Cafe Au Lait. 3 Coats. Pale milky brown nude. Blechhh (noticing a trend here?!)

Lavender Cloud. 3 Coats and needed another. There's no lavender in this! Basically a white....blechhh.

Bocha Mocha. Milk Chocolate Brown. 2 Coats. This needs some Konading on top for me to wear it again, so, blechhh.

Gilty Pleasure. Metallic Gold. 3 Coats. This is the nicest of the bunch but with about 5 golds already in my collection this is NOT needed.

Yellow Kitty. 3 Coats and need another. Pale yellow but almost jellyish in formula as it needs at least 4 coats to become opaque. Guessing it?? Bleccchhhh.

So onto my conclusion. If I had paid $16.95 EACH for these, I think I would have committed myself to the insane asylum. If you like sheer nail polish then these little guys are for you. I'm a sucker for a well made bottle and I am in love with the bottle. They sit like gorgeous little soldiers in my drawers and feel great in the hand...but for goodness sake Sally Hansen, give us some decent colors!! Sheesh.


  1. I luvluvluv Midnight in NYC! Fairy Teal is also a lovely shade, but the polish stains EVERYthing. I hate that. I'd use it so much more often if it didn't do that.
    Thanks for these swatches.
    My instincts told me not to buy Lavender Cloud. I'm glad I listened!! ^_^

  2. Hopefully you'll have better luck with the cremes. i've seen the cremes on other blogs and thy can be really pretty. But I agree with you on all of these when you sa Blech....

  3. I guess my favorite would have to be Fairy Wings, with Naked Ambition a close second!

  4. How cool! Thanks for the swatched! I just went to my local rite aid and got Midnight in NY and Thinking of Blue for $8.00! They had a BOGO Free sale! ;) Think i might go back and grab some more! :)

    -Christina <3

  5. Wow, I'm not a huge fan of nudes colors but the first 3 ones are gorgeous.

  6. I like lavender cloud and yellow kitty

  7. I do like alot of these. I have been meaning to pick up Cafe Au Lait.

  8. Hilarious! I love the rant! Maybe the others will turn out better :)

    BTW Naked Ambition does look nice, and I would try Fairy wings over a darker color! :)

  9. LOL @ the no buy, but still buying. When I put myself on beauty no buy (makeup & hair...) I always buy nail polish. I justify it b/c it isn't as expensive as the other stuff. Sweet haul! Great savings for you as well. Beautiful colors. Can't wait til 2mrw to see the others. Thanks for sharing.

  10. oh! beautiful colours you have there!!^^

  11. I love Naked Ambition. It does take a few coats though to build up as it is very sheer. The shimmer though is visible from the very first coat and I love shimmer. I grabbed this off of Amazon for less than the store was selling it for, and I had vouchers that I had earned from doing surveys so I actually paid absolutely nothing for this polish. Bargain! Plus I do like the neutral shade and it is a good palette cleanser after wearing a lot of bright vivid colors.


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