Sunday, September 5, 2010

Punk & Chi Chi, 2 New Eyeko Polishes!

First of all, I have been away for almost a week visiting the oldies up in QLD. I came from freezing cold Winter at home to travel to 26c heat with 83% humidity! I also didn't take many polishes and accessories as I was flying with carry on luggage only, and wasn't too sure about flying laws regarding all that jazz. They searched me for nail polish remover so I was glad I didn't pack much! Hence, no manicures of the day and my poor blog was neglected. I am back tho with HEAPS of new posts scheduled for the next few days as I came home to a small truck pile of goodies waiting for me!

On the flip side tho, I DID buy heaps of new colors while I was there! So my fellow polish lovers I am currently in the middle of doing swaps with are going to benefit greatly!

Eyeko have released 2 new nail polish colors and they are gorgeous!

First up is Chi Chi, a baby pink glitter in pale pink jelly. The glitter is compact and dense, these pics are 2 coats with no top coat. You could layer this up to 4 coats to give a real packed pink glitter which would look awesome. Formula was great with no vile smell and no gloop as often associated with dense glitter. No top coat was needed to give this a smooth finish.

Punk. This is truly a Neon pink, it was also extremely difficult to capture the true color on my camera! It was is super bright and, well, PINK! First 2 pics are inside with a flash, last pic is outside in the sun.
I am not normally a pink girly girl but this shade of Hot Pink really suited my skin tone, so I am more than happy to wear it when in a pink mood. This was 2 coats and it dried to a glossy finish so I didn't use a topcoat.

Punk with Chi Chi. This looks FAB! Only 1 coat of Chichi to give a cool glitter finish. I ended up using this as my manicure of the day. It's in ya' face bright!

Available now from and they retail for 3.50 GBP or you get 20% off if you buy the 4 color Pink Pack.
These items were sent to me for review.


  1. Punk is a pretty pretty pink! Chi Chi seems rough, but the color looks good. The also look pretty good together!

  2. Sorry, me again! I just saw Chi Chi on another blog (Scandalously Polished), and it *does* look super! The flash in your picture had highlighted some of the glitter "grains" and made them look a different color. But I now completely agree with you, it's a great color. ;)

  3. Chi Chi "disappointed" me... I don't like the color...maybeI need some time and see it again :) but for now I prefer Punk...

  4. There's been so many swatches for these two on my bloglist that I don't think I can resist much longer! Especially Punk is gorgeous - it's such a soft, girly neon. Not brutal as most neon pinks are :)

  5. Oh I love those colors! Had seen them around the interwebs already but this makes me even more sure, gotta have!

  6. Gabz1985, Nah, not really rough. I didnt use a topcoat as I didnt think it needed one. My macro shows everything!

    Alice, all polishes look better IRL!

    Jette, 'non-brutal' is the perfect description! I wish I had thought of that when describing it!

    Go get em Iris! ;)


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