Friday, September 10, 2010

Orly Galaxy Girl

Just another blogpost about Orly Galaxy Girl to add to the millions already done in the blogosphere!
Pics are taken a few hours after application, and as you can see that I have tipwear already. I didn't wrap them but my tips usually dont wear this quickly.
This was 3 coats and the color is best described as a Vampy Burgundy with blue and pink shimmer. I'm in serious LIKE with it, but as with Space Cadet I'm a tad disappointed it didn't live up to my perceived hype, so I'm not in love with it.

Just hoping this won't stain my fingers horribly on removal like Space Cadet did....anyone else have staining with SC?


  1. Aww, too bad about the tipwear. It's a great colour though.

  2. I have this one too and I love the color just so much, but I have a lot of trouble with making a good picture. But your's like the really shade! Good job


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