Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swap with Jen & Claire's Mood Polish

To start off with- I am not a crybaby in general. Example, I do NOT cry at wonderful girl gets awesomely handsome guy soppy movies, I do NOT cry at poor little doggies dying in kid's movies, or at college aged teenagers giving their cherised toys away movies and I don't NOT cry at movies about life long lovers dying in aged care homes movies.

BUT when I opened Jen's swap box, I got a little teary. How can a complete total stranger from the other side of the planet send me SOOOO MUCH stuff?? My best friends and HUSBAND never even get me stuff like this (sorry guys, but I know you never read my blog anyway) and I've never had ANYONE go out of their way before to make sure they got me presents they knew I wanted!

In this case, Jen went thru my wish list and posted me 30...yes, T.H.I.R.T.Y polishes that she knew I was after. Can you believe it?? My wish list was decimated in one swoop! Some of what I got: OPI's Alpine snow, Lincoln park, Wing It, Flit a bit, Cajun shrimp, Feng Shui. Orly's Bailamos, Haleys comet and mini Holiday set (yay!), Borghese Stellar Note!! All the Nubars I wanted including Forest, Peacock Feathers, Wildlife, Iris Dust, Conserve. Zoya Envy, which is divine and Claires mood polishes!

I was in such a dither, I just didn't know what to test first and in the end a mood polish won cause I had wanted Flirty/Shy for ages. I know you have seen a million pictures of it before but here it is MY way!

This polish was so much fun and I pretty much wasted a whole day running my hands under cold then hot water. When cold, the polish turns Flirty, which is a dark denim blue. When hot, it turns a Shy, bright Sea Blue.

Jen's blog can be found here, www.thepolishaholic.com. Thanks so much Jen for swapping with me...I hope you are as happy with your box as I am with mine. Yay for Jen!! xoxoxoxo


  1. That's an AWESOME swap!!!!
    I want to see them all swatched ;)

  2. So glad you like everything, that mood polish looks great on you! Can't wait to see more of them on you! I'm about to put on the Ozotic 504 you sent me right now!

  3. I forgot I sent you Ozotic multi's Jen....I think I just sent you more of the same today....!!

    Sarah B.. argh! Working on it!! I need 2 more hands!

  4. That's an amazing swap. What a great friend!

  5. Wow, that has got to be the most amazing swap i have ever seen!!!! YOU GOT SO MANY POLISHES?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, I love the mood polish you swatches, i have been wanted that one for a while but can never find it at my claires. they are ALWAYS out of the mood polishes >:(
    oh well :)

  6. such an amazing swap! i'd love to have the new moodpolishes to

  7. Kelly and Brittany, Jen is awesome and so generous. I am very lucky!

  8. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want them all lol
    I can understand why you were so happy !!!!

  9. WOW!!!! Amazing swap. So sweet of her.

  10. Oh, wow! I was thinking to myself as your page loaded that I would DIE if I got something like that in the mail. Xmas & birthday all rolled into one box! Enjoy your goodies & I hope we get to see many swatches! :)

  11. Do you see what we started????? LOVE the swap!

    We just love each other in this nail world!!!

    GREAT swap!


  12. Wow, now THIS is a a SWAP to beat out ALL swaps! Awesome, and how terribly kind!

  13. I have never seen such big swap package! Amazing! You lucky girl :D

  14. Wowww, that is quite a swap! I don't think I've ever seen one to beat it. Have fun playing with your new pretties! :)

  15. Michelle L, I know, I almost DID die! Argh!

    Tiff, How was your European holiday? Get heaps of Euro polishes??

    Jackie; I know, I feel very lucky.

    Bibe; you should have seen the huge box!

    Zara; I am having fun...just need more nails!


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