Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BB Couture Horned Devil & Ashes Comparison

I got a little haul of my first BB Couture nail polishes in today! I have completely wasted my 2 hours peace while the baby is asleep by swatching and watching 'The Pillars Of The Earth' mini series! The dirty dishes are threatening to take over the kitchen but I have NEW polishes for goodness sake!!

Here are a couple of them for you today. First is Horned Devil.

This is a bright Orange with a dash of red and packed with glitter. This is a gorgeous color but unfortunately it looks ghastly on me. It is also a 4 coater and even then you can still see VNL. Maybe I could layer it over another color...will have to experiment.


This was only 1 coat which was just brilliant after 4 coats of H'Devil. It reminded me of Zoya Edyta so I did a quick comparison. Edyta on pointer and ring fingers. As you can see there is quite a difference, Edyta is an olive shade whereas Ashes is most definately a brown dark grey.

Hope this helps with your choice selection as Overall Beauty have a sale on at the moment. Buy 3 get 1 bottle free plus 2 for 1 offers on many more items.

Back tomorrow with more of my BB Couture haul.


  1. i love these both! i have horned devil and cherish it, now i need ashes too!

  2. HD was too orange for me. I was expecting a bluer-red. Silly me. I haven't considered Ashes before. Looks good on you. I'm tempted.

  3. Kellie. There is a sale on...go get em!

    Jaljen. I thought it looked a blue-red also in swatch pics but it is most definately an orange red!

  4. I have been droooooling over Ashes.
    Now I want it even more!

  5. I don't own any BBC yet, but definitely I'm going to get Ashes.
    Thank you for the swatches!!

  6. These are fierce! I really love Horned Devil. I've never seen a glitter in that tone it is so unique.

  7. How is the Pillars f the Earth series? I read a nd loved the book years ago & I read the sequel when it was released a few years ago.

  8. I'm head over heels for Horned Devil! I just put BB Couture's Painted Lady on my xmas wish list, but now I wish I had put Horned Devil on there you know if they are dupes because they look close.

  9. SaraJean. Overall Beauty have a buy 3 get 1 free offer....go get it!

    Carolina. BBC has very nice formula, it's seems to be worth the $9.

    LTHPOlish. It is a very unique color and the glitter sparkle is awesome.

    Rachel. It is!

    April. I loved the book and the mini series so far is staying true to the novel. I hate it when the TV and movie adaptions steer completely away from the storyline. I didnt relaise there was a sequel...running off to library now!

    Varnish Vixen. Painted Lady looks to be a true red in the online swatches, hereas Horned Devil is absolutely an Orange.


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