Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Mode Swatches

My local chemist got more Mode colors in!
I am not sure if Mode have picked up their game recently because their formula has gone from gluggy to super smooth and the wear is fantastic. I have been wearing XOXO for 3 days now and I have no tip wear or chipping. All this for $2 a bottle!!

Tatt-Tastic. This is a super dark Ink Blue. ONE FREAKIN COAT!! The pigmentation in this color is crazy and it also Konad's flawlessly.

Chillax. 2 Coats. A darker version of Mode's Party Girl. This is a dark Turquoise with lots of Mermaid blue shimmer.

Blackberry. An almost black Burgundy JELLY!!! Argh, I almost died and grabbed it straight away. This is 2 coats and is super yummo.

XOXO. 2 coats. These pictures are shocking, this color is gorgeous and nothing like as pictured. It's a dark Fuschia PURPLE and these pics just show all Fuschia. Just go buy it, trust me. I then test Konaded it with China Glaze 2030, which is a bright metallic gold. XOXO is so pigmented, it turned the gold a metallic Pink!

More Mode swatches can be found by searching for MODE on my blog.

Don't know about you Aussie girls, but I'm going back to rumble right down the bottom of that MODE bin! C'ya later alligators.


  1. where can i buy these online?!

  2. Good finds! I frankened Chillax with some gray and white and it looks sort of like RBL 360, which is one of my biggest lemmings. Love it so much I bought a second bottle but I'm scared I won't be able to recreate it.

  3. Thanks Dreamer!

    Melyssa. I don't think you can. They are a chemist (drugstore) only brand as far as I know.

    Millie. Cool bananas!! If you can, please email me a photo. For $2 a bottle, it doesnt matter if you waste a couple trying to recreate it!

  4. I have the first one as well and it is so good! My local chemist has actually run out of mode and hasn't got any new ones :(

  5. grr, go figure! ah well... thanks!

  6. I love them all, specially Tatt-Tastic and XOXO, your nails are looking amazing.

  7. I really like that Chillax! And you are so very lucky, all the Mode stockists I have seen charge $2.50 for it. Have you tried Jade? I saw it the other day but couldn't decide whether or not to buy it. It's a peacock green-blue shade, I just want to know what the formula is like since it seemed a bit watery and sheer.

  8. Hi Carolina. They need a good filing down as they are getting a little long! Chillax makes them look really good for some reason!

    Hey Joan. I didn't get Jade as I already have Peacock by Models Own and they look too similar. The RRP on Mode is $2.50 but they have buy 2 for $4 posters up in my local chemist. They are Mode advertisment posters so they should be that price everywhere....I live in a small Country town where everything is ususally expensive!

  9. I love these colors. :( Too bad I'm in the US.

  10. Oh wow those are some gorgeous polishes!!! :)

  11. Chillax is gorgeous! I gotta get that!


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