Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Face Shop PP408

I found this in my 2 year old's bedroom, in the bottom of the toybox and the lid half on. I have no idea when I bought it or how Miss 2 half inched it from my 'up high' polish stash.

This is 2 coats of The Face Shop PP408, which is a totally gorgeous purple with salmon pink, dark purple and magenta pink shimmer. In real life it's absolutely me.
I Konaded it with Sally Hansen Chrome in Royal Purple and added 1 coat of Seche QD.

Nice, huh?


  1. This is super pretty, I really need to get some sally hansen nail pen chromes :)

  2. The shimmer looks great ! Nice polish :)

  3. so prettty!! the polish is a nice shade tooo

  4. Love it! What konad plate did you use?

  5. That's a lovely color, and the stamping is great!

  6. Muito interessante!

    Very interesting!
    I loved

  7. Kelly. I used the really, really old Sally Hansen Chrome nail polish. They are excellent for stamping at can be picked up at cheap stores for no more than a couple of $$.

    Kathrin. This is a Bundle MOnster plate.

    Thank you everyone!


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