Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadows

Many moons ago I got a Blogger sample pack from ConcreteMinerals on Etsy and promptly misplaced the package. When cleaning yesterday I found it again so here are my swatches!

From left to right:

SWAMPED. This is absolutely DIVINE and it's topped my favourite dark green list. It's super pigmented and wonderfully sparkly and looks gorgeous with a light, bright green.

SOULJOURNER. This is a dark navy with coppery gold sparkles. Just beautiful and really creamy.

ZEALOUS. A Turquoise blue shimmer. A gorgeous color and looks great with Souljourner.

HEARTS. This is described as a shimmering Red but honestly, it's a matte Orange to me. Maybe I got NAPALM instead of Hearts?? For my skintone and eye color, this was blechhhh. I tested it as a eyeliner and lashline color and it stained and it took forever to try and scrub it off. Did. Not. Like.

HARLEQUIN. A sparkly Olive with Golden undertones. Gorgeous and in love with this color.

All my samples were super pigmented and I had full color after 1 swipe of my brush over Shelly Frances Eye Primer. I am super impressed with ConcreteMinerals as their quality looks to be of high standard. The samples are incredibly generous and my little jars are almost full. These will last me a long time....maybe not for Swamped tho!
My only con is the sifters inside the jars. Sifters are annoying and waste product. I don't like them and always remove them, but that's just my personal preference.

A horrible eye shot using all 5 colors

Check out Concrete Minerals thru Etsy at:

Has anyone else tried Concrete and what colors did you get?


  1. Really pretty and shimmery.
    Glad you found them. I know that feeling too well of misplacing things!!! very frustrating.
    Gorgeous colours.
    ♥ Bev

  2. love the shades :) thanks for sharing ^ ^

  3. These are beautiful!!
    Swamped, Sojourner, and Harlequin are my favoriteS. I also really like your left eye look. LOL.


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