Tuesday, December 7, 2010


OPI Ink is a purple shimmer with flashes of pink and the odd gold...if you get it in the right light and hold your tongue the right way! The pink color is more obvious once you click on the pictures but I couldn't get any gold to appear. All of these pics were taken in natural light with no flash.

It's a gorgeous color but not unusually unique, as the finished result ends up almost like LA Girls Rockstar and Face Shop BK901 just to name a couple off the top of my head. Wouldn't it be glorious if it finished up as the bottle color with all those rainbow flashes? Sigh.

2 coats makes for perfect coverage and I used ChG Millenium for the Konading. I was rushed and the stamping sucks....different color tomorrow!

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  1. This is SO pretty! I am lusting over this color BIG time!

  2. love this color!! the stars are perfectly done!!

  3. LMAO@ ...if you get it in the right light and hold your tongue the right way!
    And the polish looks pretty, especially with the stars

  4. i feel you on the tongue part!!! i just did opi ink and i could not get a good picture. i was indoors though:(

  5. I have it too. It's a very pretty color!

    x0x0 Tess

  6. this is such a great color!=]

    the stars! the stars!

  7. The colour itself is stunning...great mani :-)

  8. Sara Jean. I'm not sure when Ink was released, I think it's still readily available in shops.

    Thx dreamer, it's much nicer IRL.

    Thx Tjoyu & Polishsis. I am not digging the stars much...dont think I was in the mood for them!

    Thats so fresh. Indoor pics came out just as a purple. It took about a dozen before I realised to turn off the flash and stand outside!

    Thx Joan, Tess, Buy Wow Rouge and nail crazy!

  9. i dont know if i love ink or not. actualy i like when it looks more purple than blue, but i am not sure how it would go with my skin tone :/
    you have pretty nails :)


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