Sunday, December 12, 2010

Green Eyeshadow

Because my seriously ripped middle finger has destroyed my whole hand for who knows how long, I'm too sad to paint them today :(
I think it also jinxed my other hand because 2 nails broke today, making a total of 3 ripped nails in only 2 days. I'm thinking maybe something is seriously deficient and I need a serious dose of vitamins.
Anyway, a change of topic is needed. I'm obsessed with green eyeshadow the last couple of weeks. Every day it seems to get brighter and I find myself wasting all my free time trawling Indie mineral sites looking for any shade of green I don't already own!

Here are a couple FOTD.

Using Enchanted Forest and Mrs. Smith by Providence and Grace. Mrs. Smith is my absolute favourite bright green eyeshadow. It's wonderfully sparkly IRL and stays that way all day. Providence and Grace also ship their samples in clam shells, which I LOVE. I hate baggies! I am wearing MAC Ruby Woo lippy if anyone wants to know.

This one was using the 120 color palette that you can purchase for an average of $13 AUD on Ebay. I got mine from this seller:
The colors are not as pigmented as mineral colors, but they are fantastic value for the price. Using my Shelly Frances eye Primer, they last all day without fading and creasing.
Unfortunately my 2 yr old also loves this palette....I found my couches painted in a rainbow of colors with it the other day so I really need to buy a new one that doesn't have every color smeared into the other.

Who has some awesome green recommendations for me?

I saw this outside my bedroom window last night. So, just to brighten your day, here's a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!


  1. Ooh you are so pretty! If you can get your hands on Catrice, they have a gorgeous green eyeshadow. It's 190 - Petrol keeps me running. It has great pigmentation and smooth application.

    (if you aren't able to grab some Catrice I could always see if I can help you?)

  2. loving the green look, sorry to hear about your poorly nails :( hope you feel better soon and maybe you need some extra boosting vitamins :)

  3. LMAO DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! :) Anyways, awesome colors and Deborah is right: you are pretty! :3 I'm definitely jealous that you can do green. I stick to really neutral colors out of an old habit to stay on the safe side.

  4. cutee color!


  5. Deborah. That color looks gorgeous! We dont have access to Catrice so I might take u up on your offer!

    Charmed Chick. Vitmains I do need, I'm always scared of breaking out tho if I take vitamins.

    Court. I dont know if I can 'do' green but I like wearing it so I do! I've always been a neutral chick but as I get older I get more daring!

    Thank you In Palace and Ivania!

  6. Carli, you look beautiful!
    Green is your color!

  7. green eyeshadow with a red lipstick is just gorgeous're so pretty :-)

  8. Well, this week it's 1+1 on Catrice so just let me know! If you are interested in some polish and stuff I could fill up a flatrate box for you. dwmpunt [at] gmail [dot] com :).


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