Sunday, December 5, 2010

China Glaze Zombie Zest

The idea to layer Zombie Zest over black came from Glammed Up! ZZ was a big no-no on my skintone and I really DID look like a Zombie! But as soon as I read her ZZ post, I had a Dr. Gru from Despicable Me lightbulb moment and I realised I could wear my Zombie Zest succesfully after all!

Put 2 coats over 1 coat of Black and it just lights up with sparkle. It's just DIVINE dahlings! First 2 pics are under artificial light, last pic is in shaded sunlight.

Mmmmm, Zombie delich-ish-ness.

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  1. :D I love this.
    I'm actually a big fan of ZZ.

  2. I've wondered what it would look like over black! It really makes a difference, doesn't it?

  3. I Love this polish!! its gorgeous!! :-D

  4. I just bought ChG zombie zest (I decided to buy it over orly cosmic it's not rocket science) thanks for the tip about wearing over black!

  5. it's the firt time I see this polish over a black polish & it's a very good idea because it become more interesting like this !!! very great, I prefer this version :)

  6. Looks so much better over black polish :-)


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