Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glitter Gal Holographics

I have 2 more holographics for you today from the wonderful Kerry at www.glittergal.com.au.
First up is Green. I know, straight to the point color naming, hey?

This was 3 coats. It's a super sheer, super blingy holographic with a slight green tinge. At one coat, this is perfect for layering over darker colors to give them a holographic layer. Basically, you just need this one holo to turn every other color holo....cool huh?

Fuschia. Def not a Fuschia pink as typically known, this is more of a medium rose pink holo. This was also 3 coats. You could also layer one coat of this over any Pink color to give it a holographic shimmer.

Glitter Gal do *the* most blingy holographics on the market. Better yet, they are Australian based which makes it a yay moment for us Aussies instead of missing out like we always do! Don't worry tho, my International followers, Glitter Gal ship overseas!

Kerry and her team also have a new collection out.
Glitter Gal custom created Limited Edition nail polishes for “Wanted Shoes”

"We have collaborated with “Wanted Shoes” and custom created six nail polishes to compliment this season’s shoe collection. Available now at all Wanted Shoes stores."

Check out that Hot Pink color....I think I need shoes in that shade!


  1. Thse are so pretty. i really love Pink Holos they are always so awesome!

  2. Wow your so lucky with that special edition I'm jealous you can't buy them here in holland,
    And the holo's look awesome

  3. I LOVE holographics so these are a must!

  4. beautiful nail polish its cool

  5. Holos are gorgeous. The pink is nice on you.


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