Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nars Zulu..... & An Owie

My awesome nail polish friend, Carina, from, sent me Nars Zulu! I know, she's awesome right???

After 2 coats it was semi bald in some places so a 3rd was needed. The third coat turned a beautiful dark green color into a near black so I was a little disappointed.
Truly, after seeing this color IRL, it's gorgeous... BUT I really can't see what all the fuss was about in demanding this color be brought back. I like my Hong Kong Chichi dupe better than Zulu and it only cost me $2. See here for pics:

First 2 pics are in natural light with a flash, third pic in natural light with no flash.

And then THIS happened.

Opening the fridge door for goodness sake!! Hubby has Epoxy resined it closed hoping to keep it that way until it grows out past the's already come away from the corner so I am not holding out much hope for it.

Bye bye nails :(


  1. Oh I'm sosorry for your nail, I hate it when that happens beacause my nails grow so slowly. You are right I like your dupe better too.

  2. You poor thing... it must have hurt so badly!

  3. ...I winced. Hardcore. That looks so painful. I'm sorry. :(

    On a plus side, Zulu looks bada** on you.

  4. omg ouch!!!! you poor thing! that looks so painful! I'm with you, I'm not sure what all the Zulu fuss is about

  5. ouch!!! i'm so sorry :-(
    good news is that they'll grow back :-)

  6. That looks bad! I am sorry for you.. Shorties are really not that bad but I hope it grows back fast! Since I mastered the art of gluing nails, I always try that before filing everything down :(

  7. OUCH! NARS Zulu is on my Wish List. Thanks for sharing. :O)

  8. Oh no!
    This color looks amazing on you, I know green is your favorite color.
    I broke a nail today too!
    BTW Elle's Spell is on your way.

  9. Carolina! You naughty, naughty girl! Come here and lay over my knee so I can spank your bottom! You seriously are the BESTEST!

    Thifa. I tried to glue it but it came undone after my shower so I admitted defeat and cut it off. It looks horrible.

    Thanks all, it will slowly come back again. I'm seriously thinking about multi vitamins tho!

  10. Ouch, I hope your nail grows fast :)

  11. Oh no!!! Sorry about the nail :x

    Zulu is the most I've spent on a nail polish but everytime i use it i never regret spending so much.

  12. Ouch! That looks seriously painful and heartbreaking. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to grow out.

  13. please teach us how to fix the nails with "Epoxi resined" what is this epoxi? show us please.

  14. Owwww! I hope it grows out quickly.


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