Monday, May 9, 2011

A Bit Of This & A Bit Of That

Nicole by OPI, Kiss Me At Midnight. 2 coats.

Mode Blueberry, 2 coats.

OPI Not Like The Movies, 3 coats.

Nfu-Oh 52, 3 coats.

And THIS is the screen that came up the other day while I was commenting on someone's blog. THANK YOU Universe!!

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  1. HAHAH! SEXPOT FTW! *headbangs*

    I looooooove the 'Blueberry' color! BEAUTIFUL! I'm such a sucker for semi metallic finishes these days >_<" It's terrible!

  2. Sexpot . . . wish that was my screen name on MA, instead, I'm sourpus - kindof the opposite. I like Not like the movies.

  3. I love all colours! Especially the royal blue one:D sexpot is so funnyXD I love all your vintage looks!! So retro and pretty!!

  4. Hi again~! I tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger award!! I hope you haven't got one yet;p Please check out:

  5. Such pretty polishes. Love those stamps on your nails. Sexpot is just what you look like in your vintage clothes.

  6. Hot damn I think I need to get me that Mode! And you are a total sexpot. I still maintain that you look so much like Bettie Page.


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