Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Few Vintage Looks

Doin' the 60's in my Bettie Page 'Charm' Dress in Rust.  With my $4,000 diamonds brooch I bought in a costume jewellery lot at an antique auction for $20.  Beehive hairstyle courtesy of 'Bumpits'!
Styling my new Modcloth red wedges while eating my breakfast of raisin toast.  50's Mohair cardi from Bells Belle's Vintage.  Sailor pants from Boden.  Bakelite brooch and bangles all from eBay.
More on this skirt later......FABULOUS Atomic skirt I scored from Bells Belle's with a 40's handknitted cardi. Modelling my gorgeous sterling marcasite brooch The Sexiest Man On The Planet bought for our 10th Anniversary.
What Vintage finds have you scored lately?


  1. Carli you look so cute love the hair in the first pic and of course l love that atomic skirt...and having seen your bakelite in the flesh so to speak l have to say nice selection of colours....LeahX

  2. Thanks Leah! Hope you are having a busy Saturday morning!

  3. So cute! My husband would LOVE it if I got a few dresses and skirts like that.

  4. Oh my gosh! They're all beautiful! You rock the vintage look girl!!

  5. Love your fashions! I had to do a double take when I saw your photo with the sailor pants. You really look like Bettie Page. I love all the accessories and how you put your outfits together. You could be a model. I love the marcasite pin. It's beautiful. Your husband has terrific taste. Have a good weenkend sweetie.

  6. I LOVE the rust dress and sailor pants. They look great on you!

  7. Love your hairstyles here! So vintage indeed :D

  8. Thanks Stef!

    Anon, My hubby does!

    Lucy. Awww, you are too sweet! Bettie is the ultimate, just wish I have a 24" waist like she used to!

    Thanks Def Addicted and Aya!


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