Monday, May 30, 2011

The Melbourne Love Vintage Show

On the weekend Melbourne held it's very first 'Love Vintage' Fair which was very exciting. I do several Melbourne shows a year with my glasswork and I can say with some limited experience that this Show was extremely well organised. The 50 Exhibitiors had fantastic stock, the fashion parade from Circa Vintage Clothing was entertaining and the layout was easy to navigate. As a bonus you could get your hair and makeup done in Vintage style by The Lindy Charm School for only $25!

The Sexiest Man On The Planet looking.....well, sexy. He's so cute, he got his photo taken several times by other stall holders and customers. He was feeling a bit special.

A quick family shot of us..the best that we could get with a fidgeting Miss 3.

Onto the Fashion Parade photos!  The sun was shining right at us, making photo taking a nightmare.  Please click on the pics to see them in full size and a lot clearer.

If only we could all look like this when we pop off to bed!

The very lush Fiona.

I Love this whole look.  I love her hair, face and dress.  It's more 30's style and wouldn't suit me but ideally I would love this haircut.

The sexy Luxe.  The husband got nudged a few times in the ribs whenever Luxe came onto the stage.

Initially you think this 40's nurse's uniform is a bit drab....but after thinking about it, it's got a nipped in waist and a semi plunged neckline, which with the right boobs and some Victory Rolls would have been very appealing to the poor old soldiers getting fixed.

Love this shot!

And love, love, love this dress Ezther is modelling.  Very ME and I want it badly...just need a 24" waist.

This dress was beautiful IRL and looked gorgeous on.  It sashed up on the bottom and you could faintly see the red lining underneath.  The husband's and my best pick for the parade.

Candice working that bottom in that super sexy cheetah print swimsuit!  I hope she bought it afterward cause it looked great!

Cinderella off to the ball.

Not my Era but doesn't she look FAB?

All this and many more...I didn't want to overload Blogger with all my photos!
So, what bargains did I get? You will have to wait till tomorrow!

I apologise to all my non Vintage followers but this is everything but nail polish week as I still don't want to remove my super blingy in-ya-face gold glitter!  4 days and no tipwear at all!


  1. Awwh that looks like so much fun! I stumbled across a small one at my uni here on the Gold Coast over the weekend :) There was no awesome fashion parade though.

  2. Yeah Kayley is pretty "spethal" LOL. Looks like you had fun!

  3. Woo! Thanks for coming :-D The blue dress was so awesome to wear. I dont think it's *quite* 24" in the waist because I still had a bit of room to move there and I'm 25" in the waist. There was also a lot more boobie-room than required!
    I'm itching to lay my hands on the pink 30's gown Nicole had me wear.

    How good was the fair overall! Such good prices and REAL vintage. I bought two hats and a pair of stockings. Very restrained!!

  4. Silhouette. It would have been unusual at one stage for a Uni to have a Vintage Fair but it's becoming much more fashionable these days to wear Granny styff!

    Watch it Zo!

    Esz. I am emailing Nicole tonight to see if your poodle skirt is available! It looked so gorgeous and I think I NEED it! Even if the waist is too small...maybe I can Optifast for a few weeks?? Do you know if it was available for sale? I have a photo of you in the pink dress, just email me your email address if you want it sent thru.

  5. Gostei.
    Tudo muito legal!

    Beijos ...


  6. The nurse uniform...I would love that!

  7. Oh my gosh! I didn't consider myself interested in vintage all that much... until now :D

    Everything looks stunning, and you and your family are very cute ^.^

  8. Carli looks great wish l could have been there alas my replacement was sick boo hoo....guess l saved some cash...

  9. Oh no Leah, I cant believe you didn't come! I had dejavu for a few minutes as I first walked in to the fair as there was a booth with heaps of YOUR clothes in it! Including that gorgeous silk striped dress and bolero set for $353!! I said to the woman is this Leah's stall and she said no, shes from Harcourt and she bought a lot of your stock. She has gorgeous stuff but the prices were astronomical.

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yep, sexy husband and beautiful daughters. Sexy yourself also! You have a beautiful family and God bless you all. I love seeing all the vintage fashions. If I want to see totally nails I can find them elsewhere. I love the mix. Can't wait to see what you bought. I've been having so many problems with Google trying to post my comment. I don't know if it's the word verification or blogger. I try to post the comment and I keep getting sent back to sign in my user name, etc. I have to post under anonymous. I've gotten far behind in reading and commenting on blogs because of it. Anyone else having the same problem?


  11. I absolutely love the photos.

  12. I'm totally in love with YOUR shoes!!! <3 __ <3


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