Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleek MakeUp Haul

Sleek released some True Color lipsticks a little while ago and the online swatches I have been seeing made me want a couple of colors.  Once on the site tho a few more unexpected items jumped into my cart, making it a small haul.

You all know I'm a red lippie girl.  Matte, no shine, true red lips for Vintage glamour and my go to lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo.  It may be drying but I don't care, it's gorgeous.  But I'm always on the look for something to match this color but a little better formula wise.

Natural sunlight, no flash.

Indoors, flash.

Lipstick colors from left to right:
Stiletto, a matte dark red. Similar to MAC Russian Red both in color and formula, but Russian Red is perfect in one swipe whereas this swatch was swiped 3 times to become this opaque. A big fat Fail in my opinion.

Mystic, a matte Violet. Gorgeous color and it suited me not too bad...a color I would only pull out if I happened to be wearing purple....which is rare.

Amped, a matte hot Barbie Pink. I got this hoping it would be a MAC Candy Yum Yum substitute. I'm not sure if it is but the color is absolutely horrid on me! I don't wear pink, ever ever, so I am unsure why I even wanted a Hot Pink lippe so much. At least I squashed a MAC lemming!

Vixen, a hot tomato red sheen. This is the color I'm looking for!! But just not in a sheen!! I love mattes because once it's on my lips I can't feel it. I hate being able to feel 'slimy' or 'gunky' on my mouth and it bugs me no end. I can feel this one, even tho the formula glides on perfectly. It's just me....I'm the Princess and the Pea...but in lipstick form.

Natural sunlight, no flash.


Blushes: Rose Gold and Scandalous.
The last thing I needed was more blush but the swatches made these 2 look absolutely gorgeous...and they are.
Rose Gold has a beautiful gold flash to it and my swatch brought that out a little bit. I'll be using this one when I'm 'at home' and just need a little swipe of color.

Scandalous is a matte Tomato Red...wowza! LOVE IT. I know I'm going to have to very, very lightly dab my brush onto this before applying it or I WILL look like a tomato. I didn't have a true red blush so this one deserved a little Squee when I opened it.

The blush containers were mongrels to open. Inside of cleaning clicking open you have to insert a thumbnail in underneath and wrench it up. For those of us trying to preserve our lovely nails, this is not really an option. A bobby pin works just as well but the design of this little container truly sucks.

Lastly, the One powder. I got this as I have been spending $50 on the MAC Magically Cool powder in Truth and Light from the Venomous Villains collection. Apparently this is supposed to be a dupe and it only costs $10. I won't be opening it till my current pot of MAC is finished but here's hoping it is a dupe. This powder is made up of mainly water and it swipes on wet and cool. It feels lovely! It really does feel it is 'setting' your skin. The Sleek powder is translucent in color.

So that's my haul! I know there has been a bit of bad press lately with Sleek and their infamous 50% off sale debaucle but my order was processed straight away and received in Australia within a week.
International shipping cost me $13.50 which I thought was very reasonable for 7 items.

What's been in your Sleek haul and tell me what I should get next!


  1. ohh!! awesome haul! :) I can't sleek where i live but always wanted to try them since they are so pretty and inexpensive!

  2. Fabulous! they're all gorgeous and those blushes are really pretty!

  3. Gorgeous shades of lipstick and blush. I saw some pretty Sleek palettes a few years ago. Wish I could order them. They are really reasonable.

  4. wow rose gold looks really pretty!! I just got my hands on a sleek original eye palette recently haven't got time to try out yet.I can't wait though!!

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