Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gary Numan

WHO??? I hear you ask! Gary know, Cars? Here in my car, um um um umm...just listen here:

Know him now?

We went to see him in concert at The Forum last week! He has been producing CD's since the 80's but he became popular again in 2009 when his latest music attracted the young punk crowd. At his 2009 Melbourne concert the audience was full of teenage goths and punks. This time he concentrated on his earlier work, which is what we like best, and the audience was back to 30-40 year olds!

There's Gazza.

The bass guitarist threw me both his guitar picks....I have a sneaking suspicion he was trying to get them into my cleavage.

What did I wear? It was hard cause I just don't have black stuff...I'm not Goth or Punk, don't own a pair of Demonia boots or even a black I went for the Criminal Damage Alice in Wonderland dress with my red frilly petticoat and Playing Cards stilettos.

So, who's thinking I'm a great big huge bogan right now??!


  1. It would have been fun. Hmmmm Bogan? Nah, you certainly didn't dress like one! But my question is what was on your nails?

  2. LOL! It was MAC Jade Dragon with gold Konad. I didnt go out of my way to do a 'Gary' manicure! That would be a little bit too sad...

  3. I laughed so hard when i read that cause i can just see people thinking who is Gary newman.

  4. LOL, I'm not! :)) I love that song!

  5. I love the Numan, his old stuff and the later stuff. Both completely different, but both awesome.

    And I think you looked awesome and very suited to the gig.


  6. I never heard that music before in my life. I didn't mind hearing it now(: And that was a really cool outfit you wore! ^^

  7. Alex. No one ever knows who I'm talking about when I say his name so I've given up!

    Blu11. At last, someone knows him!!

    Hell Thirteen. I ike a bit of his new stuff but cant understand a lot of the lyrics....I prefer to know what they are singing about!

    Nana. Dont worry, I hadnt heard of him till I got married!

  8. Oh cool! He showed up and played at the last NIN show I was at... well, like their last show as in their goodbye tour. Big surprise!


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