Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Multilayered Gold Bling In-Ya-Face SPECTACULAR!

This manicure turned out fantastic and I do not want to take it off. Be warned...there may be outfit and other such posts for the next couple of days until I decide to remove this one!

I needed something super glittery to match my 50's lucite handbag (more on that later) as I was off to a Vintage Fair today.  First I started with 2 coats of Konad Gold. By itself it's marvellous, look at that scattered holo glitter!

Then added 2 coats of OPI Sparkle-icious.  Not quite 'bling-y' enough I'm afraid.

So I layered a coat of Lancome Triple Tenue, which are gold flakes in a clear base. Finished it with a coat of Seche QD.  Click on the pics and make them big!
MUCH, MUCH more sparkly and wonderful in real will just have to take my word for it.
So, including my base coat, this mani is 7 coats deep....but oh, it's so good!

Which combo are you guys loving lately?


  1. This is indeed sparklelicious!

  2. Did it ever dry?! Have fun at the vintage fair and dazzle them all with your flashy gold nails! 

  3. Wot this is sooo sooo glittery . It's gorgeous but have fun taking it off .

  4. woow this is sooo glittery hehehe me encantan =)

  5. That's super glittery and gorgeous. Don't blame you for leaving it on as long as you can.



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