Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Vintage High Tea

Look at all my gorgeous china trios lined up ready to do battle with a pot of tea!

Before my hordes of hungry friends have attacked.

All my homemade weapons of mass destruction (to the waistline anyway).

I defy anyone NOT to love lillies!

Cake anyone?? (Please excuse the cheap tart coming out of me with the bra strap showing)


  1. You're cuteXD These tea cups are gorgeous! Sweets look very yummy;p

  2. OOO, looks awesome(:

    I am hosting a tea party thing this sunday except I am having the hardest time finding a freak-ing tea pot on this little island... or atleast, one that is not a collectable and is over $100....
    what to do, what to do... lol

  3. Oh no Kelly! I didnt have a nice one either so I got a couple of friends to bring theirs. You can get cheap but plain ones at Reject style stores....or try your local Op shops!

  4. so pretty!!! i love the little tea cups :)

    please do check out my blog

  5. Perfect weather tea & cake looks delicious....

  6. Oh,what a lovely tea party!
    The cake & the flowers are so pretty!

  7. Fabulous!! You must have had a blast.

    LOL cheap tart I think not!

  8. Awww Carli you are too cute!


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