Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Favourite Bernie Dexter Dress!

OK, I know I said last time that it was my fav Bernie Dexter dress, but this is my new, NEW favourite one!  Please click on the pictures to see them bigger and appreciate the pattern in this fabric.

Just released recently, I got it before her price rise but even at the new prices, this dress is totally worth it. My only problem is that it's too big for me on the shoulders and the straps fall down, so I've had to hide it with a cardi until I get it altered. It works out as good timing as it's freezing cold here and I need a cardigan anyway!

At the time the shoes I wore with this looked great.  But looking back on these pics, they didn't really match it somehow......I'm now on the lookout for a pair of Bottle Green pinup ones!  Anyone got any suggestions?

Dress: Bernie Dexter 'Blaize' in Landscape
Cardi: Seven Angels, Bendigo
Hair Flower: Dynamite-Darlin
Shoes: Firetrap 'Lynx'
Stockings: Nude fishnets with black back seam, Bearflag Republic
Crinoline: eBay UK
Jewellery: Made by ME!


  1. You look very pretty, Princess!! :D

  2. I have no idea what a Bernie Dexter dress is but you look wonderful. Very happy-feeling altogether.

  3. Wow this is so cool! Beautiful!

  4. That is GORGEOUS! Oh you know I remember Topshop having these fabulous green heels that would have been perfect for that. That was a while ago now though.

  5. Thanks Minnie and Melanie!
    Jaljen, Bernie is a pinup vintage clothing model and she looks like Betty Page!

    Kaz, they would be perfect! Too bad I cant get my hands on them. I was kind of thinking these:

    Too much floral?

  6. Such an stunning dress! I love seeing your outfits, you have great style!!
    Love the necklace you made!

  7. Oh I think those are awesome. (I looooove Irregular Choice!)

  8. Such a stunning fabric. You look amazing.

  9. You look so amazing in that dress. The pattern is beautiful. I love the style of the dress also. I used to wear dress in that style around 20 years ago. I was much thinner and they looked amazing. I have a flower like yours that I bought from Etsy. I would like your outfit with another pair of shoes. I do like the shoes though.

  10. Do you mind me asking what size you purchased this in? I'm dying to purchase it but was really worried it would be too small, I'm about the same size as you though :) and it looks amazing!


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