Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alice Jean's Soda Pop Shop

My gorgeous Vintage wearing and utterly Retro chickadee, Kesenya or AKA Alice Jean, has opened up her very own webstore.

As Kesenya says...

Our mantra is to live our lives as gently, humbly and beautifully as we can.

Here at Alice Jean's we draw upon the aesthetics of the mid twentieth century for inspiration, as well as the simplicity of a 'home made' 1950's lifestyle to direct our product choices.

We carry a range of all natural beauty products, produced locally to us in Victoria, Australia. We offer a darling range of childrens clothing, handmade with care right here - you can be sure of unique design, fabric and attention to detail. And we believe in building a sustainable future for our children too, which is why we have included a wonderful array of Usborne books and games, with the knowledge that good education is the key to a sucessful life.


The slice of cake soaps I am desperately lusting after. Anyone who knows me knows that I only ever use ridiculously expensive soap that smells divine. And I have a drawer full of it.    And Miss 3 would look divine in a little floral pinifore.

You can even hire her beloved Pontiac! And even have her chauffeur you around in it!!

She really is the most perfect Vintage housewife I know. She sews her own clothes, bakes gloriously, is a landscape gardening extroadinaire, has an immaculate Retro house with an impeccable garden, 3 adorable children, organises parties, makes artwork for children, MODELS for heavens sake and ALWAYS has perfect Vintage hair and makeup and is genuinely lovely to top it all off.......phew!

Congrats Kesenya on a gorgeous webshop...all the best!


  1. That cake soap is adorable! I took a look at the webshop, everything is amazing! Wow, I love the ice cream cup soap. I hope she ships to Canada! :)

  2. That's soap??? Wow!!! I want some. Heading over to the website now. Thank you for informing us.

  3. Beautiful soap. I don't think I'd even use it. It's so pretty.


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