Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sorry guys, I've been down sick with absolutely no mojo to count entries! I'm finally back tho to tell you all who won $99 worth of awesome makeup brushes!!

Congrats to JEWELS AND NAILS! I have emailed you, please respond soon with your details so Sigma can send out your Make Me Up Kit.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I wish I had 400 of them to give away!

What will my next giveaway be?? I have a couple of ideas....stay tuned!

EDITED to add: Followers dropping off already??  For real??  Isn't this blog interesting enough to read on it's own without the lures of a giveaway????


  1. Congrats!
    I think you had followers just the time of the GA, they left after...

  2. I still can't believe I've won, thank you so much.:D

  3. Poor you. pele! (that means 'sorry' in one of our Nigerian languages)
    i wish i won the brush set but perhaps another time.
    Followers are leaving? perhaps ul now get to know who your real followers are. And for the real followers, just know that we absolutely love your blog.

  4. Poor you, pele! (that means 'sorry' in one of the Nigerian languages.
    I wish i had won the brush set. Some other time.
    I cant believe followers are dropping off. At least you get to know who your real followers are. You can be rest assured that we (your real followers) absolutely love your blog

  5. If people are dropping off - SO WHAT! They just don't get it - If it isn't your polish or stamping choices it's your clothing, hair OR bead work you are STRONG - XX's and ZOO's Kimmer K.


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