Thursday, August 11, 2011

GREAZEFEST! Hot Rods & Patrons

I have so many photos, I have to really choose the best ones for you...but every photo of a hot rod is a good, here goes a lot of them!

First of all, this really cool dude agreed to let us take his picture.  The husband told him his hairstyle is a work of engineering art.  He said his wife was the engineer.

Red haired pinups dominated Micheline's morning class. They stood out so much against everyone else. There were 4 ladies seated in front of me that I thought warranted a photo!

Everyone started dancing when the bands start up.

My gorgeous rockabilly hubby doing what he thinks is his 'sexy' look.  I told him to work on it.

This lady got around all day with a rare black cockatoo on her shoulder.  She would have looked way cooler if she was wearing a swing dress, red lippie and Victory rolls in her hair.  I mean, really, who wears a cockatoo on their shoulder in just a normal casual outfit??

Brissy based roller derby gal, Mimsy, was there in her retro caravan tattooing all day.  I wish we could have seen what she was doing tho.

My dream car is a 66 Mustang.  I WILL get day. To you Americans, these are a dime a dozen but out in Australia they can set you back at least $15,000 and are in huge demand. Here are a few of them from the day.  My favourite style and color, a racing car green with green flames, left before I could get a photo of it.

Love these headlight webs! I wonder if it reflects webs as shadows in the dark??

Mmmmmm, a Camero.

No words neeeded, just revel in the mah-vellous-ness of it all.

The Munster Mobile.

And the Munster Hearse.

Last but not least, a rusted out Volksy.

Hope I'm not boring everyone too much with all these Rockabilly pics but I know I have a few Vintage followers mixed in amongst my beauty Queens.  Fashion parade tomorrow!


  1. I am a huge Munsters fan, that Munster Hearse is so cool! :)

  2. All these photos make me want to go next year. HAVE to get there.

    Those cars are great! And I love rat-rods :-D My dream car would be a 60-something Corvette....yeh!

  3. I soooo want those spiderweb accents for my convertible! Very cool pix...not boring at all!

  4. i can assure that this isnt boring at all. those pin-up red heads will stand out so much here in Nigeria. Everyone will point at them and whisper (very rude right? but thats what they do)
    really cool post

  5. Not boring to me at all. Love seeing all the people, cars and bird! You really look amazing. Did anyone take your picture?

  6. Good, glad they aren't boring!

    Lucy. I was dressed way too sedately to have my picture taken!

  7. ZOMG!!!
    nobody has any pictures of my car, so depressing : (

  8. Oh man, this looks SO cool. I want that caravan and cockatoo :D

  9. You are definitely dressed for the part! And with those ‘50s car on your side, you look like those ladies on the ‘50s, complete with the handbag on. [Leisa Dreps]


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