Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Bullet Bra Revelation

WARNING: You WILL see my bra. If you wish to be spared this, please do not read!

This post is dedicated to boobs....big, droopy ones.

Before my 2 darling children, my boobs were a wonderful perky large handful. After breastfeeding them both, they resemble something along the lines of:

Minus the cigarette.

Do you remember my King Kong boobs from this post??

It wasn't until I saw those photos that I knew something had to be done about them.    I have NO WAIST for goodness sake!!  It's all BOOB!  The husband won't let me reduce them surgically (surprise) so the next thing I can only do is somehow change the shape of them. What to do? Minimizers don't really work and I've tried pushups but they send my cleavage into hyperspace.
I had been wanting to try a bullet bra for awhile, as a few of my Vintage dresses are darted at the front and made for a point so I ideally would like to wear them the way they were meant to be worn. 

But do I dare?  Would my non Vintage friends think I was even weirder than before? What if I looked like Madonna??

Then I saw this video on Youtube:

It made me realise that I need to be ME and I didn't really care what anyone thinks about me or about the shape of my breasts.  I truly hope I look as fabulous as Lynn Dell when I'm 78 years old.

After much research and trying to nut out the conversion of my Australian bra size into USA sizing and 1 failed incorrectly sized purchase, I finally struck gold. A Vintage 40's longline bra on Etsy.

And it FITS me really, really well!!  And no more lumpy back fat!

And I have never felt better. Which is the main thing isn't it? How we feel about ourselves is the only thing that matters. And yes, you may think I look a tad silly but I don't really care. I feel sexier and it makes me happier.   The only important male is my husband and his opinion is the only one I care about.  FYI, he LUVS it so it's a win win all round!

They are also extremely comfortable. There are no underwires yet your boobs naturally stay in this shape and DO NOT MOVE OR JIGGLE.  No more jiggle!! The straps are not elasticated so they STAY IN more straps forever falling down my shoulders and embarrassing hoiking it back into place every 5 minutes.  And no more cold pointy nipples showing through my clothes!

For your History pleasure:

Although designed in 1939 -before the war broke out- ‘The Bullet Bra’ (also known as ‘The Torpedo Bra’ or ‘The Cone Bra’) only came into production in the late 40’s.

The Second World War had a major impact on clothing, in particular on the development of the Bullet Bra.  During the war military women of lower rank were fitted with uniform underwear. Advertising at the time appealed to both patriotism and the concept that bras and girdles were somehow ‘protection’.
Dress codes appeared at the time which required that female workers wear bras on the grounds of
‘good taste, anatomical support, and morale’. Military terminology was used to describe the highly
structured conically pointed Torpedo or Bullet bra, designed for ‘maximum projection’.

By then, the image of the ‘Sweater Girl’ was born, a busty and wholesome ‘girl next door’
whose tight fitting outer garments accentuated her artificially enhanced curves, created
using a secret weapon of mass destruction: the bullet bra.

Fashion’s best kept secret, the spiral stitched bullet bra helped women like Marilyn Monroe and Jean Patchet become the ultimate style and sex symbols of their time. The bullet bra provided full support and coverage to the breasts, as well as giving them great lift and showing off a wonderful décolletage.

A bit more information you don't really need to know:

My Australian bra size is a 12F. After contacting repro lingerie manufacturer What Katie Did, they instructed me to measure my underbust and overbust to get my sizing. Your underbust is directly underneath your breasts, measure while wearing a bra. Mine is 31".   Your overbust measurement is your breast size while wearing a bra.   Mine is 38".   According to the conversion chart, I am a 36D. However, the bra above is a 38D and it fits perfectly.  As I mentioned, I had 1 failed purchase, a size 34D. This is the size What Katie Did told me go with and when it arrived it looked like something Kate Moss could have fit into. I was quite angry as these people should know better, especially when I emailed them my measurements. 

The 2 vintage bullet bras I purchased in Ballarat last weekend are sized 16CC. In a modern Australian sizing a CC no longer exists so I tried one over my clothes at the booth and it seemed to be OK. However after trying them on properly at home, they are a little snug, which means when looking for vintage Aussie bras I need to search for something one or 2 sizes larger than a 16CC.  If anyone knows of an online conversion chart for vintage to modern sizing, PLEASE email me the link!

I have since purchased another Deadstock vintage bra, but this time from the 60's, in a size 38D and it is slightly too big in the points.  Maybe by the 60's women were already starting to slowly morph into bigger body sizing?  I'm going to try and find a 36D and see if that's any better.
Unfortunately it's all proving to be a bit of trial and error.  I will prevail!

A longline bra is great when you are wearing a firm fitting garment and don't want lumpy bits showing.  They are boned all the way down and therefore encourage smoothness and correct posture.  I have since purchased a couple of non longline bullets which are my everyday ones, while saving the longline for dresses with nipped in waists or tight tops.

Till next time Beauty Queens.....may your boobs always be looking up.


  1. Holy cats, girl. That bra makes your rack look slamming.

    Bra shopping is hell on wheels. One size from one maker, another from another and then converting? Gah!!! Who knew that boobs could be so frakking complicated?!?! lol

  2. We ladies with big boobs have a hell of a time finding good fitting bras. I use to be a 38D when I was a teenager. Damn, I've passed that a long time ago. Age & weight really have increased things. Gravity is one big bitch. The bras looks wonderful on you. I used to have the cotton bras with the cotton straps. Really held me up well. Big problem was that the strap broke a few times on me. Incovenient time of course. Ever try to hold these boobs with a safety pin? Doesn't work well. Each bra fits differently. Love the so funny comics!

  3. You look amazing with that bra on! Look at your little waist! SMOKING!!! ;)

  4. I certainly hope you were joking when you said your husband won't let you have surgery...I wish I could have something like this but I have the body os a 12 year old :P

  5. You look absolutely amazing! I have big boobs too and bra shopping is my idea of hell. Even if I get the perfect fit in the cup and back sizes the straps fall down or the wires dig in. And then of course after a couple of wears and washes the shape and fabric stretches a little and you have to start again. Congratulations on finding your solution! I would be so scared I'd have someone's eye out haha!

  6. O Carli, you are one daughter of God. If i wasnt in the office, id have been rolling with laughter cos of the first lines in this post.

    Should i mention that i once had a bra like this (just knew its called a bullet bra) and i wondered why it was shaped like this. I must confess that it gave me a great hold but it was made in China and had elastic straps so i dont wear it again cos the elastic is all gone.

    This is a great post. never mind what your friends will think as long as it makes u feel good.

    great post

  7. Oh My God!!!! Seriously!!! You are HAWT!! I'm so happy for you to have found your bosom friend! I'm getting my own bullet bra NOW. By the way, the vid was sooo beutiful I almost started to cry. That's how I want to live, preferably even before I'm seventy. :)

  8. Carli love the long line bra very flattering and love the you tube interview....

  9. Ahahah I love the first pic!!!
    Well, first of all, I have big boobs me too. I am a 36E. Here in Italy, having big boobs is considered a sort of sin or something similar: find a good bra is really impossible. Most brands produce bras until Cup D (a very small cup D!), if you want bigger sizes you have to buy Chantelle or Dior bras (which are crazy expensive). But then I discovered Ann Summers; I had the chance to try their products during a trip to London, and now I only buy their products from their website.
    They have a fantastic wearability and I feel well with my boobs again. But, before this discover, I was frustrated and even humiliated and offended by sales women for many years (i.e., two years ago I entered in a shop and the sales woman told me immediately that there was nothing in that shop for me, because "the policy of this shop is selling products for thin people who has sizes since 32B.").

  10. Fantastic post!! I need to look into getting myself something like this!

  11. Cool Ice Queen, thanks! Online shopping makes finding a bra 10 times more complicated. I wish I could fine a local shop that sells them.

    Lucy, well, you know what I'm talking about! These vintage ones dont have elastic straps which makes them extremely comfy. Maybe you should get one....just to try??

    Thanks Kimberley and Claudia. Not as tiny as it should be...I'm afdraid I like my donuts too much.

    Helly. LOL! It's almost bordering on that but Ive carefully picked not so pointy bras. You should see the 60's ones...they have a real pointed tip!

    Barby123. You definitely should try and get another one, but this time vintage so you dont get those horrible elastic straps.

    Eugenia. I did cry. She is such an inspiration. Check out that blog thats featured at the end, he photographs amazing elderly women. Bosom friend, LOL!

    Thx Leah. You got an eyeful of it yesterday!

    Cristina. I'm so surpised that Italy don't cater for big boobs. What about all those chubby Italian mamas??! I'll have to checkout Ann Summers.

    Claire. Let me know if you do!

  12. You look AMAZING. I love that bra and I adore that fabulous shape. That pic in the leopard cardigan is KILLER.

    Sarah xxx

  13. As a fellow chesty girl I totally feel your pain!

    Did you know something like 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. The manufacturers are evil! The sizing is inconsistent cuz we're not stupid if we could figure out what size we wore we'd all be wearing the right size!

  14. I have been searching for a longline bra for months. I can't stand the wires poking my boob anymore... I actually ended up with a callous of sorts on the side of my breast from the constant rubbing of a wire.
    In America, they don't make demure bras for large-chested women either. I'm a 38DDD and the only things I can find give me skank cleavage. It's like having a couple of jello moulds hanging out right below your chin! Can't be wobbling when I'm bending over a client at the shampoo sink!

  15. That looks so comfy! I have humungous boobs and the only style I can find in my size is the Triumph Doreen. It's not quite as bullet-y as your longline one, but it gives a bullet shape, there are no wires involved and it has lovely wide straps so there's plenty of support. You may want to see if you can get your hands on one :)


  16. *\o/* Absolutely brilliant post!!! I feel like truly supportive, shaping undergarments don't get enough love these days. I would love to see lingerie companies embrace vintage undergarments as a trend - I'm so sick of butt-chunk underwear, skimpy poorly made bras, and anything that resembles a wedgie.

    You look so gorgeous!!! How could you not strike a pose? :D Again, wonderful post! <3

  17. Fantastic Post! Advanced Style is one of my all time favorite blogs. So glad you found a comfortable way to have huge pointed sex bombs!! You look terrific!

  18. Woow! That's how the vintage lingerie looks like! Super gorgeous:D I think you are sooooo beautiful!! I didn't like my flat chest(lol) but you're right, we have to enjoy being ourselves! Thank you for giving us confidence~<3

  19. Sarah. Thanks dude! I did feel slightly chesty that day.

    Jody. I'm now finding out how inconsistent sizing is! It is completely annoying!

    Glitzkreig. LOL at skank boobs! Try a bullet bra, it will seperate both your boobs and push them forward, in the end minimizing the whole look but still full fromt he side.

    Thanks Sammy, will Google that brand!

    idrinknailpolish. Thanks for your comments! If I didnt look slutty then I just would have felt silly!!

    April. I just discovered Advanced style, it's fab.

    Minnie. No one else is going to care how our boobs look so we might as well!

  20. ow sweetie you look gorgeous in your new bra!! you glow and it shows you`re so happy now :)

  21. I know this is an old post, but I only just came across it ... I think What Katie Did have revised their sizing charts, because now they're saying to take the cup size that you're used to in modern bras. I've just ordered a 32DD, so am crossing fingers it fits!! (I'm usually an Australian 10DD).

  22. Lovely busty ladies!
    Our vintage inspired lingerie and corsets are all custom made which means we can usually do bra sizes falling outside of the standard range. It may just require a small one-time patterning fee on your first order. And we are more than happy to ship internationally.
    Please feel free to contact me…or check out our site.
    I’d love to be able to help!

  23. Anyone know if I could find something like these in a UK 32/34GG-H size (Aus 12 GG/H) ??? REALLY want to give them a go...


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