Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Skirt, Cute TuddlyWiddlies & Awesome Nails!

This is a mashup post of everything that happened in one morning!

First, a new 50's circle skirt arrived in the mail from eBay! It has an awesome print of Spanish Flamenco dancers all around. And of course, it's red and black which are almost everyday colors for me.

Worn with my frilly red and black petticoat from Hell Bunny, a cropped beaded cardi which is 50's Vintage, my suede pumps from Hong Kong and a cheapo polkadot top. 

Yes, I KNOW...my boobs look GINORMOUS!!!  They are too big at the best of times but I had no idea until I looked at these photos that they looked positvely KING KONG-ESQUE.
 How embarassing to know that I went out in public looking like this...... no wonder DH was all over me licking his lips.

OMG, there are even nipples.....I just wanna die......it was COLD peoples!!

I didn't have time to do anything remotely Vintage with my hair because I was too busy.......

Giving my girls 40's makeovers!!  I can't believe I got Miss 3's hair to stay in a Victory Roll!  The other side of her hair wouldn't stay in one as she took to that side with a pair of scissors recently, imitating Rapunzel on Tangled.....I was very upset to see so much hair on the ground.

Miss 10 looked absolutely divine with her rolls and butterfly hair clip at the back.  She is going to be a heartbreaker and already her Father is trembling in his boots.
Their matching dresses are from Oilily.

This is 2 coats of Jessica Cherrywood. It was so divine and applied so amazingly well that I have instantly fallen in love with it and it's now my favourite Vamp Burgundy. I love how it's not too dark and doesn't look black after 2 coats.

Pics were taken outside in natural light. Finished with 1 coat of Seche QD and no stamping cause I just wanted to look at this Vampy goodness.

So, that was my Sunday morning....what did you guys get up to?


  1. I dig your skirt dear!
    Such lovely girls you have! ♥
    Love love..


  2. Your skirt, the girls, the nails... I love everything!

  3. I love that skirt! Absolutely fabulous!

  4. LOVE the outfit! So nicely matched :-D And your daughters look so cute with the victory rolls - thats a LOT coming from me too cos I don't tend to gush over kidlets. :-D I hope your husband has a baseball bat handy ;-P

  5. OMG everything about this post is so so gorge!

  6. Thank you Marshee :)

    LOve u too Carolina!

    Thanks Jen and Jennifer! The skirt was too good to pass up, just as well it fits me!

    Eszter. Thanks heaps! I say baseball bat but hubby says shotgun.....we'll wait and see!

    Thanks Stef! YOur swatch post was awesome!

  7. Oh my goodness, how ADORABLE!! You are just the cutest thing ever, and you must have found your kids in a pumpkin patch, because there's no way you're old enough to have kids like these, not to mention being being built like a bombshell! I hope your husband realizes what a lucky guy he is!

    Your girls are too cute! You can tell they're loving the retro hairstyles!

    Also? That polish is divine! That may be the perfect vamp red!

  8. Oh my! all of you look adorable :D I'm new to your blog and now a follower :) looking forward to stopping by often.


  9. Aw Laynie. YOU are so cute, thanks so much for being so nice! I made hubby read it and he confirms that yes, he does indeed know he's VERY lucky!

    Thanks Vanessa. Welcome!

    Thx Laura!

  10. Your girls look soooooo cute and l love the way they call me Miss Leah when they come in the shop!..... very saucy crinoline too!

  11. OMG I love that outfit - boobs & all!

    And both your girls are going to be heart-breakers!!

  12. Your cracking me up! You look gorgeous as always. You do look like an amazing bombshell. Your sweet misses look adorable. I used to cut my hair when I was little also. Continues to this day. Your nails look fantastic also.

  13. Such a cute skirt! You look great!
    Your girls are so adorable too :)

    P.S. Love the new design of your blog!!!

  14. I love your style, and your girls are every bit as gorgeous as you!

  15. Love the nails, love the outfit and your girls are so adorable ^__^


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