Monday, July 4, 2011

Kleencolor Silver & Kiss Goodbye

You'll be seeing all Kleencolor haul pics this week! Most of my choices were glitter, which is unusual for me, as I normally steer clear of the gritty, too hard to remove stuff.

This was 2 coats of Silver with 2 coats of Kiss Goodbye. As you can see, Kiss Goodbye is a teeny, tiny micro glitter...the kind I like best!  This combo looked really nice and far as blingy manicures go.  It also lasted 4 days without even wearing at the tips.  Gotta love that for $1.75.

And this is Silver al by it's lonesome. A pearl crap color! This is a color I wouldn't be caught dead wearing by itself, but as an 'underneath' color it's do-able.

Happy Monday!


  1. I really love Kiss Goodbye! Mine should be coming in the mail soon, s excited! I love the way you layered it.

  2. I almost bought kiss goodbye, but because of shipping $$$ I just stuck with the metallics. Silver - hum, I think you summed it up perfectly! Looking forward to seeing all your kleancolor swatches.

  3. I LOVE KleAncolor!! I went to a Flea Market and they had TONS of them there for a dollar, omg. My stash of Kleancolors just went up to 75 lol.

  4. Yeah! I'm so excited that you'll review some Kleancolor nail polish! I wanted to see good swatches but I can't find it! ;/ Kiss Goodbye and metallic polishes from your previous post are amazinggggg! I want to buy all of them *.*
    But, is Kleancolor stings? I heard about it and I must ask you, sorry :)

  5. Love Kiss Goodbye! Looks so good

  6. Minty. Its way too sheer to be used alone.

    Kitties. What was yr shipping? They have doubled the shipping prices in the last few days!

    Betty. $1! WOW!

    Enamel. Good, stay tuned cause I've got 20 of them! It doesnt sting but I always wear a base coat. They do stink tho...very badly.

    Thx Claire!

  7. It's good to see so many Kleancolor polishes on the blogsphere lately. I ordered them too and can't wait to get them .

    Just a quick note: It's Kleancolor, not Kleencolor. Search engines will not find these. ;)

  8. I like this combination. Don't like the pearl shade much. Lots of Kleancolor polishes from everyone lately. Nice.


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