Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chemistry 519

WARNING: LOTS of juicy pictures ahead!

Stef, the most amazing nail polish freak ever sent me a little present in the mail! She knew I was lemming Chemistry 519 after seeing pics of it on her blog so she went out and got me a bottle. Awwwwwww!

These photos are all 2 coats over 1 coat of Black. I felt this made the color 'POP' more. Am I right or am I right?

All taken inside under artificial light.

So even tho this looked totally awesome as it was, I knew I needed to add some stamping so I did with Warm Black.

Outside in overcast natural light.

I don't know much about Chemistry and trying to find out more. As far as I know they are an Australian company, their colors are dupes for Ozotic Pro and Artform polishes and they are proving extremely hard to source. If any Aussies know of any outlets in the Victorian area or any online shops, please let me know!

Thanks Stef!


  1. Ohhh, looks cute with the stamping! They're available at Essential Beauty salons. The distributor is located in Adelaide but from what I've heard, they don't pack things well so it's a risk ordering online from them.

  2. this color reminds me of Chanel-Peridot which is a nail polish i've been wanting but not really willing to pay the price. do you by any chance have it to compare? thanks!

    this color is beyond amazing!

  3. I got about 8 Chemistry polishes from Essential Beauty's online shop http://www.edistribution.com.au/ (the one mentioned by Millie above). Mine were all packaged well, no breakages etc. Ordering though their website is strange as you don't get to select which colours you actually want, you need to send them an email or call them, but my experience with them was good.

  4. That is a gorgeous color!

  5. Nice! is this the same as Chemistry 507???

  6. *drools* The warehouse is fantastic but they do like to hover over you while you shop as it is a tiny place. Essential Beauty is good if you get a decent one - some mark theirs up to $19.95 *sobs* I've picked up a few 5 for $10 as they weren't doing nails anymore and offloading their polishes so it's worthwhile stalking your local EB and seeing what they do.

    I might have to do a shoutout when I go and end on over with a list :D

  7. Thx Millie!

    McDiaz. No I dont have Peridot I'm afraid. I wont now either!

    Kitties. I found that site but their color chart sucks. Got any good recommendations for me?

    Jen. Drool!

    Kristy. I have no idea, this is my first Chemistry polish. If I ever get a look at a color chart I'll let u know.

    Claire. Warehouse.....mmmmm...drool. $20 for a polish tho when their site says $5? Whats up with that?

    Thx Olivia and beauxsmom!

  8. Yay! I'm glad you *finally* got it after all my waddling :D

    I love 507/519 on you and especially the konad over it. Just beautiful!

  9. From what I've gathered the Essential Beauty stores are franchises so they can pretty much do what they want with prices :( The warehouse is the same prices as on the website though :)

  10. Oh me oh my, I love this: total favourite colour alert! And the stamping is spot on :)

  11. beautiful! at first i thought this was Peridot.

  12. Wow! I love the colour and I adore your nails!!!

  13. wooowww me encanto como te quedo con el diseño se te ve precioso =)

  14. looks a lot like Chanel's Peridot, very nice color

  15. Beautiful shade of green. My favorite! Love the stamp on this also.


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