Sunday, July 31, 2011

Le Bomb Outfits

I have purchased quite a few dresses from Le Bomb over the past year. Melissa sources pinup repo styles but with a very affordable pricetag. If you wanted to try Pinup before fully committing, then one of her dresses are ideal as most Vintage reproduction items are over the $100 price least.  She also spends hours sourcing matching accessories to list with her items, and each outifit is gorgeous. 

I really like these mini full circle dress styles and am featuring 2 of them. This one is in the blue roses and I wanted to try it with my new blue frilly petticoat. I am now way too old for mini dresses, so I prefer to wear these with my petticoats showing as a feature. If you are young with the legs of a gazelle, then you could go for a mini tulle crinoline.

Doesn't my garden look spectacular? It's not even Spring yet!

Read the listings and measurements carefully, as all Le Bomb clothing is on the small Miss side. I have sold more than kept due to them being way too small in the bust area. The largest sizing is also Large, and it is a small Large.

Dresses: Le Bomb Shop eBay
Shoes: Miss L. Fire
Stockings: Black fishnets
Hair Flowers: Dynamite-Darlin eBay
Cardi: 1950's cropped in black

This is on my wishlist but I keep missing out on my size. I have just spied that the L is now back in stock.....if only I wasn't on a no buy at the moment!!

Another tip: Melissa has regular Facebook fan specials and the discounts are generous, so it may pay to 'like' her page.

Let me know if you end up buying anything!


  1. ARGH SO CUTE. Seriously, you have the coolest and cutest style. *is jealous*

  2. Hi, Carli! You're so fabuliciously glamtastic! :D I always enjoy your posts! I hope you don't mind but I put together an outfit inspired by you at Polyvore. Here's the link (it's safe) if you want to check it out:

    Not as awesome as you, but still, it was fun editing that set :)

    See ya!

  3. No Silhouette, YOU are the gorgeous one!

    Etherealthought. COOL! Thanks so much, I would TOTALLY wear that!! That site is great, I can see myself wasting several hours on to check it off more closely!

  4. LOVE!! Thanks for putting me onto Le Bomb - perusing shop now. Enabler!! ;-PPP

  5. I particularly like the one with the flowers on a black ground and the white petticoat. Too bad I don't have the pinup figure, I love the looks :/

  6. OOh I love the yellow dress!! I'm for sure going to check it out!! XOXO

  7. I LOVE her shop! My very first online purchase way back in the day was from her! (I think her shop was called Bombshell Vintage then) :) It was a black dress with tie-straps that reminded me of something Elizabeth Taylor wore in Suddenly, Last Summer. It's still one of my favorites :D

  8. You look like a real glamour puss! Love the dress and the petticoats. You were made for this style. Hope you can get the other dress with the roses. It's gorgeous.

  9. Sorry Esz!

    Frances. EVERYONE can do pinup!

    Polish Vixe. LMK if you get it!

    Kate. I thnk she may still stock something like that. I love the florals, bit of a sucker for them.

    Lucy. I'm sure I will eventually. Thanks heaps for your kind comments!

  10. I hate that all the dresses are shown on mannequins, its had to see the real shape of the dress :( Do you think the dresses are ok for busty girls?


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