Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vintage Myers & David Jones Catalogues

My Mother in Law found 3 catalogues stashed in the cupboard, saved from when she was a young girl. She ordered a little manicure set from one of them when she was 9 years old!

1939 David Jones catalogue, and 2 Myers catalogues. These 2 are undated but one looks to be mid 40's with the other one late 40's.

What I love best about this catalogue is the tiny cutout samples of the fabrics included on the pages. What a great idea!

Fabric samples of Men's dressing gowns.  Don't you love the dressing gown with a tie look?!

Gorgeous day dresses.  Just popping out to walk the dog love.

Cheeky Summer wear.

Tweenie wear.  Isn't is refreshing to see that young girls actually looked decent at one stage and not clad in all black with skulls printed everywhere?  It's almost impossible to find clothes for my Miss 10 that are nicely printed and in colors other than black or grey.  Thanks goodness for Leona Edmiston who brought out her 50's styled children's line a couple of years ago.  We buy almost the whole line every year.

Even when a perfect size 8, women still wore their shapers!

I've always haboured a secret yearning for a Dirndl but I know deep down that I would look ridiculous.

Youn Master and Miss clothes.  My Miss 3 looks like this in Summer!  Children's Vintage clothes are impossible to find but fortunately there are a couple of brands that still make clothes in this style for little girls.

I hope you enjoyed browsing a few pages of these vintage magazines.
I wonder what else my MIL has stashed away???!


  1. oh wow! That is cool to see old catalogues to way back before my mum was even born! They look more like books and look interesting to read than just browse through like the catalogues these days!

    P.s love the new blog layout!

  2. So pretty! I love that nightgown. :-D

  3. I always love looking at vintage clothing, though I don't wear it.
    And there are so many different Dirndl styles, there's bound to be more than one that suits you. I haven't actually worn one since I was kid, but I've always been fond of them. Just be sure to get the real thing, Dirndl-style dresses very rarely look good.

  4. I love this! I need to go hunting in the vintage shops to see if there are any of these gems lying around.

  5. I really enjoyed Lisa Eldridge's Vintage Makeup series recently on YT and just seeing what the packaging and advertisements were like back then, so this is massive eyecandy for me!

  6. Just love looking at these pictures. I have lots of photos of my Mother & family with these type of clothes. Love the dresses for the little girls. The new look is wonderful.

  7. I love stuff like this! <3 thanks for sharing!


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