Saturday, July 30, 2011


I recently found Kare Munich, an online furniture store and am cursing the Universe for there not being one here in Australia. Unfortunately they are based in Germany but their website says they are looking for franchise outlets in the USA and Australia.

Please furniture kind to me and make one appear in Melbourne!

Well, this one I admittedly would only purchase if it came with all those gorgeous accessories standing behind it. I don't actually like the couch itself very much.

This I would hang in my Kitchen.  Dang it, I'd hang 2 of them.

This would go next to my reading chair. Which would be....

This one.

Nope, definitely the comic one.  Definitely.

This one I would put in the middle of the room and it's sole purpose would be for me to drape in when I'm feeling glamourous.  Which is a lot of the time.

This transports me back to my childhhod when the ABC showed this symbol after or before scheduled broadcasting hours.  I would even watch it when home sick from school, waiting for the cartoons to start!  It's a footstool, which I've never used and probably would never use, but it would be the very first thing I would grab in Kare if I was ever lucky enough to visit one.

This is a 'NO SITTING' chair.....only for looking at.  Don't even TOUCH it.
 Every house needs one of these.

And of course, my throne.  For I am Queen of my Domain.

I would love more information on this store if any of my German followers has any. Has anyone been inside a store? What did you buy?


  1. wow, awesome furniture, I need one of those chairs, it would go perfectly in my room!!
    Grace xx

  2. I WANT. One of the armchairs with the ornate edges. Now.

  3. Oh man! I want that red chair and a few of the dudes that are behind the couch. They can wait on me and other stuff. *cough*

  4. I've never heard of this company before. I hope they do get some stores in the U.S. The furniture is really cool. I'll take the red one! Also I want the couch with those gorgeous guys.


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